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Follow up on Accepting Ourselves / A suggestion for getting through the day today

A lot of people responded to my post on accepting ourselves for who we are. I need to work on this so let’s try to do it together.

For today let’s try to do one thing. Each time we have the thought that we did not live up to our own expectations let’s forgive ourselves.

When we do something and we think it is not good enough let’s say to ourselves, well that is as good as i could do that today. It is good enough .

We will try to remember that comparing ourselves to others is not fair to us. If we could do it as well as them we would.

With all the problems we have, it is amazing we get the things done that we do. Whatever we get done today and however well we do it , is good enough.

Let’s give ourselves some sympathy and compassion. The other people do not live with the same difficulties and stress that we do.

Their ability to do things is different than ours.

What we do is as good as what they do, if you allow for the conditions we are functioning under.

For today , we are good enough.  However well we do each thing is okay.



2 thoughts on “Follow up on Accepting Ourselves / A suggestion for getting through the day today”

  1. Ok so it’s 1pm and I meant to get up at noon. That’s ok. Considering the anxiety level of the appt I have to go to, I am doing well getting up now. Besides it is raining which makes my arthritis pain bad and that is a good reason for moving slower. I started to feel shame over not getting up until 1pm but i remembered this post and we all need to give ourselves a break today and accept ourselves for who we are.


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