anxiety, depression, mental health, mental illness, ptsd

PTSD Misunderstood

I have to wonder how many people are suffering from ptsd and almost no one in their lives knows about it.

We can’t tell people because they don’t understand. They only know the myths and misconceptions. They think we are disturbed. They think we are untrustworthy.

They would hesitant to hire us. Be in relationships with us.

Out of the people we do tell, there are few to none that validate our reality as it is. It is hard to continue day to day feeling disabled but knowing we are intelligent, creative, compassionate people.

It is lonely and frightening. We have to find each other because we are the only ones who understand.

To continue suffering in silence will not end well for us.

God bless all of the ptsd sufferers and those that love them and try to help them.

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