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Morning Anxiety / Coping Skills for Anxiety Attacks

I get anxiety as soon as I wake up in the morning. This is from the moment I open my eyes. It is like an attack of fear upon consciousness.

I have come up with some tools that help me to decrease the level of anxiety, when I remember to use them.

I have tried to find something to do before I get out of the bed that will help. For a while, I was getting on Pinterest from my cell phone. I would look up pictures of bunny rabbits. I found that those sweet silly creatures are healing to me.

I also like to look up artwork like paintings and drawings of fairies and mermaids. The fantasy world helped take my mind out of the stress of the upcoming day.

I also tried facebook, but personally that did not help me because it brought me into the real world that I was not ready to get into yet.

I have begun to do some slow yoga postures in my bed. it helps the pain and stiffness I have from arthritis. Part of my anxiety of dealing with the day is the thought of pain from moving around the house.

What I have done the last week or so , is to get onto wordpress and read blogs. I find topics that are calming to me.

If you can find something that is calming to you , that you are able to do first thing upon waking up, maybe it will help ward off that early morning panic attack. It may take a little more time for you to get out of bed. It seems like this will slow you down and cut into your day. But the truth is that severe anxiety cuts into your day and decreases productivity.

Let me know what you come up with. It can be before you leave the bed or maybe some yoga stretches on the floor right next to the bed. Maybe a meditation sitting on the bedroom floor.

I am still working on my morning wake-up stress. Some days these tools really do help. I wish you all a more peaceful morning tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Morning Anxiety / Coping Skills for Anxiety Attacks”

  1. The weirdest thing was told to me by an old employee of mine a long time ago, and it helps take the edge off enough where you can start deep breathing and focus. Simply drink a glass of water. There is something cleansing about it, I guess, but I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life, and before I reach for the Xanax or try to do yoga, I drink some water. It works.


  2. Since I am usually the first one up in the meeting, I find that taking an extended and very hot shower sets my day off right. I also have over an hour drive into work, so I like to listen to audio books which is mentally enjoyable because my imagination is active from the get go.


  3. I don’t particularly get anxiety badly when waking up however, my depression is the worst in the morning. I just feel lifeless and energy less when I wake up. But I do find that if I open the curtains a little before I sleep, then waking up and getting out of bed is a little easier as I do not wake up in a dark room. I guess that the light gives me a little life in morning. Then, I HAVE to put some music on, something that can ease me into the world.

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    1. Thank you your feelings. I feel like that sometimes. The anxiety is different whether I have to work or not that day. Different people may have different chemicals and different parts of the brain active upon waking. Either depression or anxiety upon waking , something is going wrong in the brain. I will do some research and see if there is anything that could help.
      Take care,

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  4. Reblogged this on gentlekindness's Blog and commented:

    I just reread this post that I wrote in November. I have changed my way of dealing wit morning anxiety somewhat since then, although the ideas of looking at pretty pictures and cute bunnies are still great. Now, I usually go to wordpress and read my comments in the morning. I also check in with my facebook groups. These are closed mental illness groups. If you are interested I can give you info about how to join one.

    I still have severe anxiety in the morning, especially if I have to go to work. I think that of you have anxiety that is correlated with something like work, then it is probably time to make life changes. I am currently working on changing out of that job.

    We have to prioritize our mental wellness. No one is going to do it for us.

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  5. A change in meds can do it as well. I’m all over the map with anxiety, and am finding it very challenging to cope. Thanks for sharing the information. Very helpful!

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