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PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – The Struggle with the Symptoms

If you suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome, every day is a challenge.  Every day is filled with potential triggers.

People with PTSD often have a combination of anxiety disorders. It is likely to have generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder as well.

The fear of something triggering a severe PTSD attack creates a nearly constant stress. There is a constant worry that something will be a reminder of the original trauma.

This fear causes general anxiety in the mind and the body. You can feel unpleasant sensations in the body, as the mind send you signals of potential threats all around you.

For some people the feeling of being threatened is more pronounced out of the home.For others there are plenty of potential triggers in the home.

People can be triggered by situations, by hearing people yell, by loud noises, certain songs, and the news on tv. There is always the possibility that something will trigger our brains into a full blown wave of fear to the point of disabling our minds and bodies.

This constant anxiety is very hard to live with. Other people feel basically safe for most of their day. PTSD sufferers do not feel safe.

It is good to have a friend who understands how your particular brain responds to potential threats. It is often difficult to find anyone who gets it. The feeling of alienation can become severe.

I hope at least, you can find some validation here. You are not alone. There are others who try to block out the memories and no matter how hard they try, those memories invade our minds and our feelings.

The brain has been altered from the original way it used to function. Any threat we perceive, can trigger an anxiety attack.

Once that feeling of immediate danger turns on, there is no turning it off on our own. It will run its course. It is an attack of the mind which causes terrifying emotions and discomfort or pain in the body. The feeling in the body is almost unbearable.

You are not alone. We can validate each other. It is a severe disorder of the brain. People think we look normal and healthy. They cannot see anything wrong with us. They do not understand why we try to avoid things.

I hope you have someone in your life that is aware of your illness and tries to support you. Someone that will take “no” for an answer if you just don’t feel up to going somewhere or doing something that they want you to do.

Some days we just can’t go out to be exposed at all. Some types of events and activities are potentially dangerous for our minds to endure.

If there is a strong possibility of being triggered at someplace, then we should have the right to refuse. We need understanding people around us.

The feeling that we are the only person with the symptoms, makes us feel alienated from other people.

God bless,

4 thoughts on “PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – The Struggle with the Symptoms”

  1. Thank you for this. It is good to be reminded that we aren’t alone. I actually just finished a post about my specific triggers (music) and how one set me off today. It is really amazing how they can just flatten you, isn’t it?


    1. Thank you. I am looking forward to reading your post about triggers. It is interesting that you mention music as a trigger. There are certain songs and certain types of songs that are very triggering to me. They instantly make me feel sick in my body and cause sad and depressing thoughts to run through my head.
      Thank you for reading.


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