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OCD Germaphobia / Mysophobia – My Thanksgiving Dinner Visiting Horrors

OMG ! I went for Thanksgiving dinner and the hostess really was licking her fingers while finishing tossing the salad for our dinner. Then she spoke to me with this whisper voice because she has laryngitis from being sick.

My last post about germaphobia and the horrors of the holidays came true!

I brought my own towel in my purse, to dry my hands on. I anticipated she would have everyone washing and then drying their hands on the little kitchen towel hanging under the sink that has been there for two weeks.

I started to open her towel drawer to get out a clean one, because I forgot I had brought one from apartment. She gestured to the yucky one. Uhg! Nonono

I remembered the one I had brought from home. I took it out I dried my hands and then hung it from my back pocket, to have it for the next time I washed my hands. (since I have that OCD frequent hand-washing obsession)

I know, I know, it sounds crazy. Other people would use the same tiny hand towel everyone else was. I was the only person with a big bath towel hanging from their back pocket.

But then…..
During the dinner conversation, one of the guests mentioned that she has hepatitis and yellow jaundice.

My towel from home, hanging from my back pocket, is looking pretty good now, huh?

True Story

2 thoughts on “OCD Germaphobia / Mysophobia – My Thanksgiving Dinner Visiting Horrors”

    1. Yeah, I thought you would feel this one. Having dinner at my ex mother-in-law’s house always makes me feel like i am taking my life in
      my hands. You would absolutely cringe at some of the stories I could tell you.
      One time my sister in law grabbed me before I go to the dinner table and told me “Mom used condensed milk in the casserole that expired in 2010. I told her it was expired and she said Oh Good, Now Would Be A Good Time To Use It Then”
      My sister in law is always watching what ingredients she uses and she warns me before dinner, which foods on the table to avoid.
      What a World!!!

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