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Thanksgiving Without a Loved One

At Your Thanksgiving table
Something isn’t right
You are missing someone special
Who would be here tonight

They sat right there
In their special chair
Last year and those before
To make you laugh and tell the tales
Of when you once were young

They loved you every season
You’ll love them many more
But this year’s not the same
Without them coming through the door

1 thought on “Thanksgiving Without a Loved One”

  1. hello Annie,I’m in a very confusing situation I don’t know what happened hope you can clarify things I know you have the answers it got me confused evryday. I have a feeling that this challeenge is all about a book but I can’t think staraight they said,the apple has been bittenso I continue forward knowing my mistake is falling in love with the man i barely know.I don’t know him at all until now we did not meet in person I meet him online.Yes, I have this dream which started it all the confusion and i’m dragged to confessing with honesty but I don’t have lots to share or is it about money embellished that they want to seek my honesty I’ve been honest through and through. Yes, i’ve been very stubborn being autonomous which makes the impression that I don’t care others as well. I’m into severe depression and I don’t take any medications trying to heal myself through writing. yes, there were many times that I drink poison but nothing happens evrything just flushed out to my systen or in severe occsion wanting to kill myself along with my kids and write on the wall a message of anger and desperation. I started to heal when i took the depession test of 45/65 results it’s high I know. Now, my marriage is in utter chaos I want is out. My family knows already because my idiot of a husband contacted them trying to gain thier confidence instead meet his downfall because they know he use force on me from the start left me without a choice but to marry him the scar that was bourne from the prison coz we meet into court and dismissed the case he was young i don’t want to mar his reputation i want him to have a good future the reason I wiyhdraw but we have not gone too far below the belt because I’m willful being no one can take me unless i give myself freely. The pain from the maulings he gets from his few days of imprisonment bore on his head that he tried to hurt me every way possible for revenge. the situation got worst he hurt me everway way possible through verbal,mental,physical,psychological abuse even my personal space he invades now, trying to pin me with financial issues he spent thousands for his family I helped without any question while, I spend on books he questioned. I suffer by triing to help his family my goodness to contempt that leads me wished death i have a cousin my bestfriend whose a psychologist but can’t confide in her due to personal pride. I don’t know what to do. I want out but ,i consider my children.I protect them anyway I can.My husband works abroad more than 4 years straight and I live in a village where distant families lived together.He is the king and reduce me into his slave.


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