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100th Blog Post !

Liebster Award pinkThe blog that I just posted a few minutes ago was my 100th blog! WordPress put a message up letting me know! That was pretty exciting. It felt like an accomplishment.

I posted my first blog on October 25th  entitled “Doing Nothing”

My next post was posted October 27th  “Is all this Running Around Really Getting us Anywhere any Faster?

Those were just general opinion blogs about things that were running around in my head. The next one was the first blog I actually did research for. It was also the first blog I wrote on mental health issues. It was OCD and the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale. Posted on October 29th

I realized after the response to this one that I wanted to focus on mental health subjects as well as self-help, spirituality, poetry and individuality.

I have written blogs about OCD, depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety and domestic abuse. I have learned a lot from doing research for the blogs. I have also learned a lot about myself from writing about my thoughts and feelings.

I have been very surprised about the therapeutic effect of blogging about things that mean something to you. It helps to get things off your chest and it is wonderful to connect with others about mutual interests , thoughts and feelings.

I have come to love the blogging world in the last month. I can hardly believe that i wrote 100 posts in a month and that does not include my poetry at Annie’s poetry

If you decide to look at the poetry because I put the link there , please be advised that some of it has trigger warnings and may recreate trauma for people recovering from PTSD and domestic abuse.

I wanted to share my 100th blog moment with all of you. The 100th blog is on Sleep Apnea. I am currently researching sleep disorders and sleep cycles because I have been having a horrendous time with my sleep lately. And i am almost completely non-functional when i wake up.

Thank you all for reading my blogs. I have about 140+ followers . I am happy to connect with all of you. God bless all of you and have a peaceful night.



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