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WEB MD on Insomnia – funny blog

I came across this article on Web MD about insomnia. At the bottom of the page was a one question poll, with four possible answers.

What helps you sleep when you have insomnia?

1. Reading a book

2. Watching television

3. Taking sleep medication

4. Staying in bed and trying to fall asleep

I assume, at this point that those of you that suffer from insomnia are saying WHAT?

I know , right?  First of all, the question itself is silly. If you could fall asleep then you wouldn’t have insomnia!

Answer number 4  is my personal favorite. Can you imagine?

Patient –  “Dr, I think I have insomnia. ”

Doctor – “What makes you think so?”

Patient – “I just can’t  fall asleep unless I stay in bed and try to fall asleep.”

LOL  Wow, some people have it really hard!  LOL

With the possible exception of answer number 3, sleep medication, I don’t see how any of those responses belong on a poll given to people with insomnia.

Sally – “Oh, I had insomnia last night. I just couldn’t sleep”

Sally’s friend – “OMG I am so sorry. What ever did you do???”

Sally – ” I couldn’t sleep for a half an hour and then I started to read a book.”

Sally’s friend – ” Then what happened?”

Sally – ” Then it took me whole 15 minutes to fall asleep after starting the book.”

Sally’s friend ” Twenty minutes ! You’ve really got to see a doctor  ! ”


Sorry, I am laughing so hard right now!

I can understand people that don’t have insomnia not understanding about it, but this poll was on WEB MD.

I can just imagine someone looking up insomnia for a friend. This is the information they are going to come back to them with. “Oh darlene. I looked insomnia up for you. Have you tried reading a book or watching television?”

4 thoughts on “WEB MD on Insomnia – funny blog”

  1. That is a ridiculous poll to put on a med site! Although, insomnia covers people who have trouble sleeping, not just people who rarely sleep. It’s about half the population. Reading a book is supposed to calm your mind enough so your brain isn’t over stimulated and running a mile a minute. TV is a bad choice though because of the light. But that last one, oh man 🙂


  2. Wow, that is more like an April Fools article! According to the sleep clinic I went to, you’re NOT supposed to read in bed, you’re NOT supposed to watch TV any time before bed, and you’re not supposed to stay in bed when you can’t sleep since it can train your body that bed isn’t for sleeping. What the heck.

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