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Social Anxiety , Dealing with the Pharmacy and other Businesses

They frequently make mistakes at the pharmacy.

It has  happened to me from time to time over the years. The latest mistake is that last night when I went to pay for my prescriptions, I was tole $100.00 for gabapentin with the good rx discount card. I know that I paid more like $40 the last time.

I asked the pharmacist to double check that he had run the Good RX card.  He said it was already in the system and he did not need to run it. I explained to him that they usually have to run it for each prescription and that the last time I picked this up, it was $60 less.

He would not go to the computer to run it. He gave me a long convoluted story about how some stores have the Good rx preferred brands and some do not. I told him I thought that Gabapentin was a generic brand for Neurontin. Gabapentin is the brand cvs has and it is the same brand that Good RX covers.

But no, he would not check it. So I left the store and was going to have the script transferred to Walmart. But then I rethought it. First I went home and checked on the computer what good rx said the price was at cvs. It was  $17.00 for 30 pills. That should not be $100 for 90 pills. And they usually do not multiply by 3 anyway. It is usually less.

What do you do when something like this happens to you?

Especially if you have social anxiety, it is difficult  to impossible to persist at the moment. That’s ok.

There are lots of people that work at the pharmacy desk and one person can not work all the shifts. Just call back or stop by when a different person is there. If you explain politely that you did not understand why the price had changed and that you think the other person may have not run the card, it is ok.

The person you are talking to is not the one who made the mistake. So as long as you do not generalize and say CVS made the mistake or This Counter made a mistake it is ok.

They will probably check for you. If there is any way to boost the new person’s self esteem then you will be more likely to get their cooperation.

Say something like “I think the other person was new. I always see you run the card each time. Maybe he did not know how.”

That way you make her feel like the smart one. She will not feel any threat from you . Instead of complaining just ask her for her help in finding a solution.

Sometimes people start by accusing the person at the desk. Once you accuse someone , even if the form of “This Store” is awful, you will lose their cooperation.  The person you are with is not the same person you dealt with last night. They are also not “CVS”.

So, I called and asked for help and explained that I thought maybe he did not know how to run the card last night. She went to the computer and ran the card and tada! The meds are $40.00 not $100.00

Now of course, you and I know that the man last night knew damn well how to run the card and was just being stubborn. But if you tell the lady that, then she will feel threatened by you. You are complaining to her about her co-worker. How is she to know that you won’t try to get her in trouble as well?

The approach of ” The other person tried but I need someone more knowledgeable” is much less threatening to anyone. You were patient about the last worker and you are boosting her self esteem by telling her that you have confidence that she will know what to do, even though the other guy did not.

Yes it is a tiny white lie about how frustrated you may feel about the other guy. But your feelings of frustration with him and that you may have wanted to strangle him last night, really are not her business and more importantly will not help your situation.

If the first person is not helpful, there is always another shift in 8 or 10 hours. I do the same thing with the bank, the cable company and other places I call. If the first person makes me feel like I am going to have a breakdown from anxiety then I will politely hang up. Then I will call back to get another person.

With really big companies, you can call back right away because the same person never answers for you twice.I have called back right away and gotten a more cooperative person.

Particularly for people with social anxiety, this tip may be helpful.

Always check everything at the pharmacy. I have gotten wrong medications. Once the pharmacist changed the medication at their whim because they did not know why my dr gave me the brand name and not the generic.

When I asked the pharmacist if this generic brand was safe for pregnancy, he turned green. Lucky for me, I checked in the bag and saw it was not the same med as my dr prescribed.

Another time, more recently, the pharmacist did not put any refills on the bottle label. There were 6 refills on the paper script. The bottle just said “refills require authorization”. I asked him and he said that medication was controlled and could not have refills.

I had already done my research online when the government changed the scheduled for certain drugs. This one did require me to go to my dr to get the initial script but refills were allowed.

Anyway, we should all be healthy and not need the meds. But as long as we do, please check your bottle for type, quantity in the bottle, mg, and refills. Good luck. Hope this helps



2 thoughts on “Social Anxiety , Dealing with the Pharmacy and other Businesses”

  1. Thanks for the reminders about meds. I wish I didn’t need to be on them and I have tried to come off of them but things went down hill fast. I have the social anxiety as well so I really limit the number of people I need to get involved with. I do all my business with small local people. It keeps the stress down. I live in a rural community and that keeps the stress down as well.

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    1. I wish I did not need meds as well. It is very stressful every time I go to get a script filled. I feel anxiety until i have the bottle in my hands and check the label to make sure they filled it properly


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