New Song Uploaded onto Youtube

I finally finished the recording of Prison in Your Mind. It took me a few days.

I get anxiety when i am recording these days. What do you call anxiety of videotaping al by yourself with youcam in your bedroom? Is it social anxiety ?? No, it does not seem so.

Is it Youcamaphobia?


If i post this someone mightwatchit aphobia??…


crazyannie is very sillyaphobia?

yes maybe it is that one LOL

So, i started recording and stopped it several times for a couple of days. Then I took yesterday off

Today I did it in one take ! Wow. I surprised myself. I guess the 8 pr 10 tries on the other days counted for today.

So it is editing on youtube and should be ready in fifteen minutes. I am looking forward to you all getting to hear it.

I used to write songs all the time but I have not been doing much with my music in a while. I did write a couple of songs a few months ago.  Prior to that I had not played in a long time, except for the time I took my guitar and played at the nursing home I used to work at.

I am going to check on it now. Hopefully I can get the link here for you tonight.

My daughter has her 12th birthday tomorrow. i still have a few things to do tonight in regards to that.

She is very excited about her birthday, It is nice to see her looking forward to it.

Talk to you shortly


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