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Ode to Chronic Pain / Physical Pain Becomes Mental Torture

Pain is a terrorist

That deafens you will its blast

It strikes 

When you least expect it

And disables your

Ability to defend

Pain is an enemy

That no one ever sees

It stalks you every minute

It never sets you free

There are times 

Of sweet remission

That make you think it’s gone

It hides itself in plain sight

It strangles your last breath

No one can see your abuser

No one can know it’s real

You can’t expect understanding

From those who do not see

As far as anyone knows

It’s in your head

So then you drown

In efforts to keep going

The monster keeps attacking 

Relentless in its quest

To drive away your hopefulness

To make you glorify death

Till your drained 

completely dry

Exhausted from the fight

It torments your waking mind

Until there’s nothing left

3 thoughts on “Ode to Chronic Pain / Physical Pain Becomes Mental Torture”

  1. Reblogged this on Gentle Kindness and commented:

    This is an older piece of mine about physical pain and how it leads to mental pain.
    I do not write often about my chronic pain issues but they are real.

    Hopefully this poem will give some validation to those with fibromyalgia, severe arthritis and other conditions in which pain is a daily monster.


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