Real World Monsters / 130 Children murdered in Pakistan Today

According to news reports , Taliban gunmen attacked an army school in Peshawar,  Pakistan’s. 141 civilians were murdered. The  latest reports say that over 130 of the victims killed were children. Reports are that on teacher was burned alive in front of the children.

This follows the civilian attack in Australia which involved hostages having coffee in a local cafe.

In Sydney , Australia  a cafe was the target of a “lone Wolf attack”. Hostages were held at gunpoint for 16 hours. The cafe that was involved was the Lindt Chocolate Cafe, New South Wales. Two hostages were killed and others were wounded.

It is very difficult for me to find any words that would convey my level of horror, in regards to this  type of inhumanity. There is obviously true evil in the world. The monsters of our childhood storybooks are nothing compared to the real thing.

Man’s inhumanity to man continues it’s ugly wrath.

My prayers and thoughts are with the families.

2 thoughts on “Real World Monsters / 130 Children murdered in Pakistan Today”

  1. It’s hard to even look at the news anymore for fear of yet another violent act somewhere in the world. I can see why people take time away from TV news, papers or online. It is overwhelming. And the victims and their families of these horrendous acts…awe…I just cannot fathom the depth of their grief.


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