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Time for all Good Little Insomniacs to go to Sleep…

Here we are once again. The end of a difficult day……Sigh……

I usually post the time I finally sign off, but the hour is so ungodly that I hesitate to say. ( 5:29 am)

The world is not the way we want it to be. Our families are not the way we want them to be. Our bodies are not the way we want them to be

I would venture to say you feel the same way I do, that our jobs, our finances, our mental state and our comfort level is not the way we want it to be.

I am aware that none of us is functioning at their full capacity of mental health and well being. None of us is at an optimum state of physical health.

Life has a way of practically beating us to death. ( seems ironic, doesn’t it?)

 Yet we are still here and trying to make our lives closer to the way they should be.

We are human beings struggling our way through very difficult times. The world as it is, is a treacherous obstacle course, full of surprise attacks.

And so we are left with our intelligence, our compassion and  our creativity. Our ability to connect with one another and console each other is still alive.

We must think of solutions when there seem to be none. We must find ways to sustain ourselves when there is practically nothing left of us to sustain.

We are each of us, more resilient than we think we are. We have overcome many obstacles and endured many sufferings in our lives. Yet we have still managed to hold onto our beliefs, our values and our principles (for the most part).

We can still dare to hope and to dream…….

So have peaceful dreams ,,,,,,,,,and good night to all of my wordpress friends.

Until tomorrow 🙂 ……



4 thoughts on “Time for all Good Little Insomniacs to go to Sleep…”

  1. It sounds like you work second shift, correct? I did for four and a half years and my sleep cycle was, excuse my french, royally fucked. Hugs.

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