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“It is so Good to Hear the Sound of Your Voice! ” / The Calming Effect of a Trusted Voice

The sound of a voice  can be comforting as soon as you hear it. There can be  an association with a certain person’s voice with good feelings. To have person like this in your life is invaluable.

When you are having a terrible day, you can call them. Their voice has the immediate effect of regulating your nervous system. You feel instantly calmer.

Anything that is consistently pleasurable to you, will create an increase the production of oxytocin by your brain. You develop  an association between the sound of that wonderful  voice and  comfort.

Your blood pressure goes down . You feel a sense of relief. The voice on the other end of the phone is like a safe haven.

Everyone needs to be accepted. We need to be acknowledged , forgiven and loved. We need someone who boosts our self esteem. When our self esteem is high, we feel good about ourselves. The voice of that person creates a neurochemical response in the brain.

They make us feel good. It feels  good to be with them and it feels good to speak with them over the phone.  They could be talking with us, reading to us or singing to us. Their voice has a real  effect on us.

We go through anxiety and difficulties during the day, The body and the brain are often bombarded with stress. The sound of unfriendly  voices , causes the release of stress hormones like cortisol.

So, after dealing with the stresses of the day, finally, you hear their voice. This is the person you can always trust to love you unconditionally. The sound of their voice is a pleasure  to your entire nervous system.

I have heard people say, “when I am having a stressful day, I call my best friend (or boyfriend, husband, wife…) and after talking with them I feel better.”

We do feel better.  The sound of that particular voice is a signal to the brain to calm down. There is no threat there. It is safe.

Mothers sing their babies to sleep because the sound of that familiar, comforting voice relaxes the baby’s entire nervous system. Newborns can recognize the sound of their mother’s voice, even in a dark room with their eyes closed.

The sound of that special person’s voice can help us to feel better.  Email and texting is good but the hearing their voice is far more effective for reducing our anxiety.

Thank God for the special voices in our lives. They are worth a million dollars !!  🙂

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