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Good Night Post and a few words about my poem “It Was Wonderful”

It is time once again for all the sleepy people who are not sleeping t sleep. I just re-read that sentence and it sounds sleepy and somewhat incoherent , But this is my insomnia good night blog, It should be a little bit sleepy sounding. Anyway, it is the best I can do.

I just wrote the last post, It was Wonderful. It is a true story. I danced with that old woman today. She was so sweet and full of life. She was in an assisted living facility where I was volunteering. She was just hanging around by the nurses station.

She wanted to meet all the people as they come and go. She wanted to connect with others and to share herself with everyone who was willing to see her for who she was. I am very blessed i happened to come along at that time.

She greeted everyone and came up with something nice to say to each person. She introduced herself to me. She told me she used to ski and swim and do all kinds of athletic things. She was 95 and still walking very well without a walker or anything.

I said to her “I bet you used to dance” Then she took my hands and began to dance with me to the music that must have been playing in her head. I could almost hear it. She twirled me around and even did one herself. She smiled and laughed and said that we were being very fun and crazy.

She was so full of life. More than I am, a lot of the time. She brought me back to life. She connected me with the feeling of having a passion for life and connection with other people. She is a wonderful, passionate soul.

I do not know if I will ever see her again. But I will always remember her. I thought she was so special that she deserved a poem to be written for her. So I did.

I hope you think of her as you read the poem. I did not even have to take artistic license and exaggerate. She was exactly as I said in the poem. It was easy to write. It is like she gave me the poem on a silver platter, just by being herself.

We should all send loving thoughts her way.

With her little, crazy dance with the strange girl in the hallway (me), she has touched all of our hearts.

Sleep well and think of Elsa, the 95 year old lady with more passion for life than all of us 🙂 Let us open our hearts a little more because of her.

Good night and God bless you all this holiday week.


2 thoughts on “Good Night Post and a few words about my poem “It Was Wonderful””

  1. I’m always so amazed by lovely people like the woman you described. They really do have a zest for life that is enviable. I don’t know what it is that keeps them so active to such an advanced age, but if they could bottle it, it would be one of the most valuable substances on the face of this planet. And I’m sure that you made her day just as much as she made yours. Thanks for sharing your story with us, it really was a nice one.


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