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My Soul Mate

Sometimes you meet someone

You know them somehow

It happens very rarely

Maybe once or twice

In a lifetime of stumbling

Through awkward relationships

But… there they are…

You know them…

You recognize their energy

You feel their heart

You have felt it before

They have been tucked in the back of your brain

In Your memory

You recognize the way it feels to connect with them

You recognize the way they react to you

They are a stranger…

And yet they are not

They tell you of their pain

You say “I understand”

How could you?

But you do

You know them, understand them

You smile when you first hear their voice

It is the first time you have met them

And yet, it is not…

I can’t explain why

But I know that I know him

I recognized him right away

Like from a distant dream…

My friend, my lover,

My companion, my brother,

My teacher, my student,

My relief, my excitement

My passion, my sympathy,

My connection to my heart

My connection to my compassion

My soul mate

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