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Creepy Guys Cyber Stalking me and post traumatic stress triggered by that

I am feeling post  traumatic stress about being cyber stalked. I was in a relationship once in which he cyber stalked me and actually stalked me. I will tell you this story sometime, maybe later today. But this is what has recently happened to creep me out and bring back memories of that guy who used to watch me online and also follow me places.

Truthfully, I think he is still attempting to find out where I am because he viewed my linked in account three times in the last month. I need help closing the account, if anyone knows how. I tried following the instructions at linked in but could not close the account. If anyone wants to help me, please put directions in the comments.

Yesterday, there was a message from a creepy guy on my facebook. I do not remember how or why I have him in my friends list. I think he is a facebook friend of my friend in baltimore. He must have friend requested me and I hit accept without thinking. Anyway, that must have been months ago because i have not been on facebook in a while.

He send me this creepy message yesterday that said, Please talk to me.I need you.

I responded “I do not recognize you. ”

He kept sending me messages that said” I need you” and  “please talk to me.” He typed in broken english and broken thought patterns that were creepy.

I sent him a message, “I do not know you and I am busy now to be meeting guys online. Your messages that you need me are feeling creepy to me.’

so then he said “Better creepy than you do not talk to me”

So he kept sending messages like “please talk to me” “I need you” “better you talk to me” “better creepy that you do not talk to me” “creepy is you do not talk to me” “please talk to me”

Finally I had my 12 year old daughter bock him for me. I had her do that and show me how to do it , just in case i need to again.

So, today I woke up and I had 7 messages from guys I do not know on Skype. I was talking to my boyfriend on skype  late last night and i fell asleep without closing it. So while i was sleeping, skype said i was online. Several guys that are strangers to me sent me requests to skype with them.

It was so scary and creepy to me. Do people just send messages to random women and ask to skype with them in the middle of the night?

So i sent my boyfriend a frantic message asking for help. He responded to me right away and helped me turn skype off . Later i will  have him help me to keep from getting messages like that, if there is a way? Does anyone know? I thought skype was like a cell phone and people only call you if they have your phone number.

I do not understand the messages from strange guys in the night thing.

Sorry for the crazy rant. The guy that stalked me years ago, inflicted tremendous mental abuse on me. I barely got out of the house where i lived with him. last year in october 2013. After which he continued to cyber stalk me and show up at my job.

Part of me feels paranoid that one of the guys on skype is actually him, using a different name. I would not out it past him to spy on me that way and find out where I work.

Anyway, skype is offline now. Creepy guy on facebook is blocked.

My boyfriend is by his computer in case I need to send him an anxiety email. He does not like to see me tormented.I would feel better if he were here in person, but at least he is there in case I call or email.

So I will go out and do my last minute errands now. I feel like i will be looking around me for that truck that my ex has. It is a terrible feeling to know someone is following you around. I do not think he is anymore. My rational side tells me he is busy doing other things today. But my ptsd tells me to watch the cars around me today, so that I do not lead home with me

I don’t want to be paranoid but really, what are the chances of those things all happening within 12 hours and they also follow the fact that my ex viewed my liked in account repeatedly. Please somebody help me close the linked in account. I do not want ot open at all. he probably has already gotten my email address from the linked in account , which means he can plug it into the computer program he has to cyber stalk me and watch where i go online.

Now I will probably develop an OCD behavior about checking over and over to make sure skype is turned off. Like I need another ritual to perform… LOL

Send calming thoughts my way. It might help. Thank you for listening,


7 thoughts on “Creepy Guys Cyber Stalking me and post traumatic stress triggered by that”

  1. That OCD thing can be such a bother eh? Checking and re-checking and re-checking locks or in my case re-checking(till I’m exhausted by the checking) the gas cooker knobs to be sure they are turned off. But ultimately, just relax Annie. Take your regular precaution and just breathe. Remind yourself that the creepy guy is out, and that you and your daughters are just fine. Facebook creepers send messages all the time. I usually just laugh them off. And if a person so much as comes across as off on facebook, or if I don’t like the person’s name, I will not accept any requests or reply to ant messages. Just brush them off and keep doing you thing. You are covered. Remember, breathe and relax. Let no one steal your peace of mind.
    Love you…

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  2. Wow. Will this world ever be a safe place? About linked in, I have had some terrible experiences with them so what I’m doing now is spamming their emails. I hope if I do it enough they’ll get the message? Best wishes to you.

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    1. I have never had so much trouble closing an account before. I will have to call them and tell them I want it closed. It will have to be a day that I am up for a call like that or maybe i will get someone to call them with me. I do really want to close it. I never use it for anything. It just bothers me that my ex keeps looking at it. I do not want him to know where I work. He would show up and cause me trouble there. I am having enough problems at that place without any bad tempered guy showing up there.
      Anyway, thank you for your thoughts.
      Merry christmas. I will see you for the good night blog later 🙂

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  3. My goodness I totally feel for you. I deleted my Facebook, twitter, even pintrest because my narc was stalking me. I started blogging as an outlet and I hadn’t told anyone in my life about it and then he found me on here. I think sites the Spokeo and people finder are the culprit. They make it easy for someone to find you simply by your email address. I feel for you that the PTSD kicked in. The minute I found out I was found on here, I had a panic attack.

    Hang in there!


    1. Yes it is a feeling of panic and threat when you find out someone was hunting for you and found you. It is the same brain response an animal in the wild feels when a predator corners them. The amygdala, the fight or flight part of the brain kicks in. It raises your blood pressure and puts that terrible feeling into your body and mind that you are being attacked.
      I appreciate hearing from someone that understands that feeling when you go into post traumatic stress and flashbacks of terrible things that you tried to forget.
      Anything that reminds you of the past trauma can trigger your brain.
      My boyfriend did have some program on his computer that followed what I was doing on my computer at home and still watched me after we broke up. I was not aware of any such program ability and did not know how he was finding out what I had been doing on the computer. Eventually he told me. It was so extremely creepy to me when I found out he had been checking on me and also following me when i left the house.
      Thank you for connecting. 🙂


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