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Coffee Lids Don’t Fly – Poem

I get confused following directions

When things are on my mind

I have to ask someone for help

The guys just think that it’s fine

But the women that I work for

Have a different thing to say

They don’t think we should ask the men

For help along the way

Sometimes I get so flustered and

Forget what I was going to do

The guys think I’m a sweet girl

But at work it’s no excuse

A policeman was behind me

In the Quick Check, in the line

My coffee lid flew off and landed

Somewhere over behind

He smiled and got me another

No judgement in his eyes

But the women where I work

Think that coffee lids don’t fly!

They think I am bizarre

I don’t give off that perfect air

Of perfect professional lady

Who never falls out of her chair


4 thoughts on “Coffee Lids Don’t Fly – Poem”

  1. I’m truly glad that we’re not perfect… how boring that would be. Maybe those ‘women at work’ are just jealous of us un-perfects because we enjoy being un-perfect… Great post Annie. Hope you’ve had a beautiful day…


  2. I love all of life’s little imperfections, because those are the very things that make each moment of the day so memorable.A perfect day would be so boring that I would never be able to remember it.

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