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3:11 am … I Have Written you all a Wondrous Poem …please don’t reblog LOL

The time has come

It’s 3 o’clock

Throw out the gum

I lost my sock

I think I’m done

With all this fun

A poem here 

A comment there

I found my sock

I brushed my hair

This poem rocks

I set the clocks

Please don’t judge

This terrible sludge

I’m overtired

My brain expired

Two posts ago

Thoughts are slow

Sometimes I write funny

Sometimes  I write sad

Sometimes I feel torment

Sometimes I feel glad

This is my good night

I don’t know if it’s right

To torture my victims

With  horrible lines

If someone reblogs this

I might lose my mind

They’ll say

This is an example

of Annie’s best work

I would have to hunt them

And wipe off their smirk

I don’t really know

Why bad poetry flows

From my fingers right now

Where is my stuffed cow?

I need my soft blankets

To cuddle myself

The laptop must go

Back up on the shelf

The bunny was fed

 My words were all said

Till tomorrow again

I’ll pick up my pen

And write something fun

To make up for this one

Good night all my friends

Please come back again


Good night,

sorry about that poem LOL


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