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Happy New Year! You Can “Depend” on me to Cheer You Up if you are Sitting Home on New Year’s Eve!

I just watched the New Years Rockin Eve and the ball drop in Time Square. I was watching the tv with my 12 year old daughter. There were so many people there and I am so glad I was not in the middle of that crowd!

They have been there since 9am this morning and it is very cold. Worse yet, as far as I understand it, the little stores and restaurants around there cannot possibly accommodate thousands of people for the bathroom.

Someone told me that they went there one year and there is a method people use for the bathroom situation. ……

Wait for it…….. They wear diapers! Ahhhh … Oh Lord. I am not sure how romantic that’s sounding now!

“Oh, honey, Let’s get engaged at Time Square, on New Year’s Eve! I will bring the diamond ring and you bring the Depends! Wooo Wooo! It will be so romantic.  …We will have a wonderful story to tell our children”…..

” Mommy was wearing a diaper a few hours before you were conceived and now you are wearing the diaper like Mommy! ” Sooooo sweeeeet !!  Awwwww! 

The commentators said that there would be tons and tons of trash to be carted away in the morning by garbage trucks. I wonder how much of that trash is dirty diapers. Oh …………I am so sorry… I am ruining the romance of the evening!

Well, I am just trying to give a little smile to the people that are sitting home  tonight and reading WordPress blogs. That would be you :)…. and that would be also me 🙂 …

The people in Time Square are not going to be offended by this diaper blog. They are not going to be on WordPress right now, because they are busy trying to find somewhere to dispose of their diaper before they get into the cab!  I wonder if the cab drivers thought to put towels on the seats LOL

Ok so you were sitting there, feeling all bummed out and thought, “I wonder what Annie is thinking about?” Now you are sorry you asked ! LOL

The prices of everything New Year’s Eve related went up today. I wonder if the Depends company got on board!

See! I told you that you could “Depend” on me.

Hahahahahaha! You see?? I don’t need to drink. I can be this silly and inappropriate without it 🙂

Happy New Year!


7 thoughts on “Happy New Year! You Can “Depend” on me to Cheer You Up if you are Sitting Home on New Year’s Eve!”

  1. hhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I had no idea they waited there that long. You know I have watched that ball drop for the last 22 years…since I was 19 and had my daughter. This was the last year my boys are 18. sighs. Would not have given it up for the world though. Although, I was crying tonight, feeling alone. This did cheer me up for a moment, because I was laughing so hard. LOL! Thanks Annie….
    Happy New Year ❤ -CC

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    1. I have a lot of readers that are too depressed or have severe anxiety to go out for new year’ s eve. I wanted to let them know that in some ways they were better staying home with WordPress that going out.

      I thought a funny blog that made the time square scene less appealing would help:)

      This post was designed for that reason , otherwise i would have tried to block the whole diaper thing out of my mind because it is gross.

      I did have a few readers that this post made laugh for a few minutes , in between crying. So that is something.

      I like your beautiful pictures. I wonder what it would be like to see places like that. I may never see them but i like to look at the pictures you post.

      Thank you,

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      1. Annie, you have a very caring heart to write a post to lighten the heavy feelings for those who are not able to be out in large crowds on New Years Eve, for various reasons including depression and anxiety attacks. Thank you for sharing this in your reply.

        Thank you for your kind comments regarding my photos.


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