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Insomnia – Mental Illness – Chronic pain Cycle

Mental Illness is a mind / body connected condition. It can start as pain in the body and then turn into mental torture. Or it can start in the mind and refer pain into the body.

Most people with mental illness have pain in their bodies as well as in their minds and hearts. The chemistry in the brain is altered by disturbed thought patterns. There are abnormal levels of hormones and other chemicals released into the body. Too much cortisol from anxiety causes physical pain and illness. Lack of enough oxycodone / dopamine is also a cause for pain because dopamine is a natural pain reducer.

Most people with chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia and  Arthritis (and many more) also have mental illness, like depression and severe  anxiety. The constant stress of the pain takes a toll on a person. Their quality of life is reduced and there is a loss of many things.

People with chronic pain lose their ability to do the things they once loved to do. They lost their relationships because people do not understand the severity of the condition. Chronic pain steals away the parts of your life , one by one. The number of things you can do keeps going down. Things take a tremendous effort and more time.

The sadness and / or anger about the losses, can result in sever depression and other types of mental illness.

Insomnia often goes along with mental illness. Insomnia also goes along with chronic pain. Sleep deprivation can cause both mental problems and physical problems.

Disruption of the sleep cycles, keeps the day to day micro tears and injuries from healing properly. The micro injuries accumulate rather than being repaired.

Insomnia and sleep deprivation also cause spatial memory loss , confusion and depression.

All of these mind / body issues are connected. And they are also connected with sleep.

In order to be mentally healthy,you need proper sleep with non-disrupted sleep cycles. You need a healthy body without chronic pain. No matter which problem starts the cycle, it continues one into the next.

Chronic pain causes trouble sleeping. The lack of sleep causes more pain due to inability to heal. The pain causes more sleep deprivation. The sleep deprivation causes spatial memory loss and confusion. This disorganization of the brain function leads to depression and severe anxiety.

You may have started with depression but now also have chronic pain and insomnia. You may have had chronic pain to begin with and now have insomnia and depression.

You may have started with insomnia for some reason and ended up with anxiety and depression. Now you have migraine headaches, joint pain and disorientation.

The mind and body are forever connected.. It is impossible to have a problem with one , without it affecting the other.

I will explore these topics in future posts. I am searching for solutions and to validate anyone with these conditions.

I am so tired that I cannot edit this blog. I want to post it anyway because I feel called to post this. Please excuse any errors.



3 thoughts on “Insomnia – Mental Illness – Chronic pain Cycle”

  1. We all post error’s here and there it is part of it all. I forgive you, you forgive me, etc….and it is ‘what goes around, comes around.’ Sounds about right to me what you have written here. One leads to the other one, vicious cycle.


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