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Abnormality is defined as a deviation from the accepted thoughts, emotions and behaviour

Abnormality is defined as a deviation from the accepted thoughts, emotions and behaviour

What is  ‘normal’ ? It is  an invented idea related to conformity.

Conformity to the status quo and the manners and behaviors that the vast majority are comfortable with. Saying “fine” when someone asks how you are, is the accepted behavior.

Following the rules at a workplace,  even when there is an obvious , glaring exception to the rule, staring you in the face.

Going along with our plans and our schedules like drones , without thinking about what we are doing. That is the status quo. That is conformity.That is a lack of creativity and individuality.

When people all follow what someone else thinks, no one thinks at all. Who is making the social norms? The people at the top who are benefitting from it. All the drones underneath have the impression that they are the ones that benefit but it is not true.

Loss  of humanity and individual thinking. Taking each individual situation for what it is and thinking and and making and intelligent , thoughtful plan of action. This is all lost in the confusion and the illusion or orderliness.

People have the impression that the status quo rules are neat and orderly. They think that they like the rules ans that the Normal accepted behaviors and reactions are going to keep them safe and protect them.

if this is true, then why is suicide on the rise and mental illness more and more prevalent in society?

Maybe mental illness is caused by the infliction of an untrue reality upon independent thinkers. The forcing of a reality that someone created and is telling us is safe. But when we see that it is not true and it is unsafe for us, we are seen as abnormal people. The ones who do not fit in.

This results in isolation and alienation. We can see what the reality is. But they tell us we are not conforming to their thoughts and their reality.

People that have survived, or their children have survived sexual abuse, are expected to attend holiday functions with the offending family members. They are expected to sit there are pretend nothing ever happened. Ot to pretend that the abuser is rehabilitated and no longer a threat.

Women living with abusive men are told that things are not as bad as they think. People think they are exaggerating and the “poor guy” is just venting from a hard day.You should be thankful that he works so hard to support you. How do they know how the guy is supporting you? They don’t even know if he shares any of his money with you. Why do they assume?

Even family members sometimes support the abuser and treat the victim as though she is in some alternate abnormal reality. You have to be a better wife, a better girlfriend. Maybe he would be a better man if you were more supportive. It must be you… Crap! Crap! BS!

I have always been supportive in relationships. Begging someone not to leave you and a child with no money in the bank account and no food in the fridge, so they can go to live in another state with friends to “find themselves” and their “Purpose” and a job, is crap. Why should you suffer with no food and no money, to be supportive of someone who does not want to work. Someone who leaves you stuck with his parents, because he can’t stand living with them anymore.

When our feelings do not match what the others tell us to feel, we become mentally ill. Our brain suffers because it tries to hold onto the actual reality while other people are messing with it.

4 thoughts on “Abnormality is defined as a deviation from the accepted thoughts, emotions and behaviour”

  1. I think that in this day and in this world, our chances of becoming depressed are increasing exponentially because of the very things that you point out. A disonance between what we know and what “they” want us to know!

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  2. Thank you. 🙂 I have a very different perception than most of my coworkers about right and wrong with the residents. The other workers want to do the easiest, least thoughtful thing. I want to be compassionate and thoughtful to create solutions that will help people.
    I could tell stories about nursing homes that would make people cry at the inhumanity of the workers. But maybe you know some of what goes on.
    The individual rights and dignity becomes lost in the flow of hurrying to get the tasks done quickly.
    I always end up annoying my coworkers with doing things differently, such as taking someone to the bathroom when they ask, rather than telling them to go in their diaper and the aide will change it in a few hours at bedtime.
    I see that as a dignity violation, but the others think I am being difficult by not doing thingd the way they do them.
    It is sad that I end up being alienated from the other workers because I do the right thing.
    That should shed some light on what inspired this poem.
    Nice to hear from you,


  3. The words you shared were both honest and courageous. I thank you very much for sharing them and it is my most sincere wish that even one person who needs to see these words, does, and in doing so, has their life change for the better. I believe it happens much more often than we realize, that the simple reading of something exactly like this blog post can completely change the way a person views the world. I really hope that is true in this case because the words you’ve written are indeed very important.

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