The Most Important Thing You Need To Know Today

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Bravo ! to Uncommon Graces !

Uncommon Graces

When I was a teenager, a child who went to my school and lived at the end of my street shot himself. He didnā€™t make straights Aā€™s on his report card and he couldnā€™t face his parents. His name was Sean Wilson.

I didnā€™t know him personally, but my friends did. Two moreĀ children attempted to kill themselves shortly after.

Then, the day after Thanksgiving, I tried to kill myself, too.

Just two years prior, aĀ friend of mine, who lived onĀ theĀ opposite end of the same street, shot himselfĀ in the head while I was sitting in theĀ classroom wondering why he was absent.Ā ItĀ was an accident. His name was Michael.

I donā€™t know if the people in my hometown remember or care, but I do. I still drive by his house because he mattered to me.

It still matters to me.

Leelah Alcornā€™s death has sparked conversation and attention all over theā€¦

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