mental health

4:26 am…Time for all good little insomniac to go to sleep

Well it must be time now 🙂 It was a pretty good day for me. After being in a depressed and post traumatic state for 2 days, I came out of it this morning, which was when I woke up at 11 am. I know our time zones are different and you all will get this after I am sleeping. By then  it will be the day before that I am referring to.

I started a facebook page for Annie and I have a few followers there, Feel free to friend me there. I am following some facebook pages about abuse and mental illness. There are some closed groups that are pretty good but not nearly as therapeutic as wordpress is for me.

I was able to connect with an old friend , my college boyfriend there. This is nice because he was my best friend in college and we never meant to disconnect entirely. He is glad to be friends with me. He is living is California with a nice woman. He is a musician and a poet. There are all kinds of poetry reading meetings and things like that where he lives. It is a cool place for a creative musician / poet. I a glad he is happy there.

I am glad to have the new facebook because I am not free to be myself completely on my other facebook page.

I had nice interaction with many of you today and I enjoyed that. I went a bit crazy for a little while this afternoon about my bedroom space being awful and phobic for me. I think I have gotten some good ideas and lots of support here to remedy the space. I plan to work on it tomorrow. It will take a week or 2 in order to get it right. But I feel like there is hope to get things to a point where i can feel restful here, which I do not the way it is set up now.

I am thankful for things today

1. My sweet boyfriend who is always loving

2. My blog

3. My soft blankets and my stuffed animals

4.Mental Health Writers Guild accepted my membership

5. I was invited to write a guest blog for Kindness blog

I hope I can get things done tomorrow. I have 3 days off this week. I used most of today to recover from the stress of work, although I did take my daughter shopping to pick out a few birthday gifts.Her birthday is in the middle of January. And I helped her a little with her essay for school.

I am trying to be glad for the things I do get done , rather than beat myself up for the things I do not get done.

See you all tomorrow 🙂


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