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Lost Time …Anxiety PTSD Mental Illness

Sometimes when I am having extreme anxiety, I lose track of time. It is like the clock is in one world and I am in a different world from the clock.

I wonder if anyone has this happen to them?

Sometimes the clock moves so slow that I feel like 8 hours has passed and it has been only 1 hour. Other times the clock moves so fast that I don’t know what happened. I think it is 9:30 pm and then I look at the clock and it is 12:30.

It really freaks me out. It is like I lost time. How can you lose time? What was I doing and what happened to the hours?

Tonight I went to the Walmart with my daughter and then I came home. I planned to call my boyfriend around 11 pm because that is our regular time to connect at the end of our work days. But tonight I was doing things, i guess and the phone was plugged in to charge. I expected to charge the phone and then call him at our time.

He had called me 2 times and I did not know because the phone was off while it was charging. I went to check how the phone was doing and I saw the call history that he had called twice. Then I saw the time on the phone was 12:30 am. I was surprised at the time. I could not see how it could be so late.

So I called him and told him what I just told you about my brain losing time. He believed me and was sympathetic, which is good. I used to be able to estimate time better. The last 2 months have been bad with my memory and time.

I already had PTSD and then things kept happening that were so extremely triggering to me that I think my brain broke more. I will talk about those things in other posts,because it is hard to think about right now.

I feel like I am getting a kind of dementia. Not really but it seems like there are periods of time that I am not processing the world in a way that matches what is really happening.

Does anyone else understand this at all?



11 thoughts on “Lost Time …Anxiety PTSD Mental Illness”

  1. I’m really not an expert on this, and it’s kind of hard to suggest stuff without knowing you personally, but:
    1) I lose track of time when I’m distracted (which is a lot) and if your brain is distracted by anxiety/PTSD then you’re going to be distracted just the same as with anything else, so…
    2) I don’t think you should really worry about losing track of time because of it, because it’ll only make things worse. Your main problem this time seemed to be that your phone was turned off; it won’t be next time, nor the time after. You made a mistake once, and everyone does stuff like that. In the end, it didn’t seem to cause a problem for you. Don’t beat yourself up over one mistake. It’ll be fine. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you. You are right that I do not need another thing to obsess about or to feel bad about. My boyfriend does not get mad about my being confused like that. He knows how things can be with me. Thank you for reading and caring. Annie

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  2. I am horrible at telling how much time is passing. I frequently hear from others that spending time around me is similar to spending time around a black hole, like there is a time warp around me.


  3. Hi Annie. Though my anxiety is not from PTSD, I have had similar experiences. Just the other day, I had a small anxiety attack. I don’t think it lasted 2 minutes, but in that time, I lost track of everything. I couldn’t even recall what I was doing. Hang in there. And kudos to your boyfriend for being understanding.

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