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Facebook post by my Daughter about Not Attaching Your Self Esteem to the Comments or Lack their Of / Cyberbullying and Our Children

The post below is by my youngest  daughter. She gave me permission to post it here on wordpress. I thought it was insightful and a very interesting perspective from a young person about the internet. Our children are very connected with the social media and their self esteem is directly linked  what goes on between their internet  “friends”  and followers.

Facebook is a social media that involves short burst types of posts and posting of photos and some artwork.  Many of the people on facebook are superficial and also status quo oriented. Posting very meaningful things does not always get the response you want, unless you are in a closed group on facebook, specializing in mental illness or abuse.

My daughter has learned that facebook is not the best place to use for a self esteem meter.

She also posts artwork and writings on deviantart which is a better place for meaningful and inspired types of work. She gets more intelligent feedback there. You can post things on deviantart like drawings, computer generated art  story writing and poetry.

I am very proud of her for making the observations which you will see below. I am proud of her that she has been able to evaluate the shortcomings of facebook and does not attach her self esteem to the responses she gets from the people on facebook.

Our children must learn to deal with criticism and stupid comments on the internet. They also have to deal with bullying in an internet world, that we did not grow up with.  The children and teenagers can have harmful mental damage done to them by cyber-bullying and inappropriate comments.

Our children can end up with mental illness (depression, severe anxiety, suicidal ideations) over the interactions on the internet.

They have to learn that every comment is not true or worth taking to heart. Also that lack of comments on something they post, does not mean that they are not important.

Please enjoy her post and comment anything below that you would like me to convey to her.

(sorry if this post offends anyone im just kinda joking around though it is also kinda true)

~facebook logic~

* someone makes a meaningful post/shares meaningful thing, post gets ignored*

* someone makes a  stupid post, gets tons of comments*

*good artist uploads an art piece, is told they suck and the only person who comments anything nice is person’s boyfriend*

*bad artist uploads art piece, is told they should be an animator and is the best artist ever*

*someone uploads something intelligent, is told they are stupid*

*someone uploads something super idiotic, is told they are the next Albert Einstein*

9 thoughts on “Facebook post by my Daughter about Not Attaching Your Self Esteem to the Comments or Lack their Of / Cyberbullying and Our Children”

  1. fb represents society. what ever goes on in fb goes on in the real world. there’re times where i’ll tell what I think is the funniest joke in the world, and it goes over like a ton of bricks. i have read some of my writings in support groups that i considered to be pretty well written and heartfelt. i got a thanks for sharing.

    i don’t know about you, but i’m a little caught up in blog numbers. how many people visited my blog today? How many likes did i get? how many comments? writing and having it accepted Is one way i derive my self worth. I think that is fine. the real problem for me is getting caught up in the comparison game. then, I start to devalue what i have done.

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    1. I will admit that I do check my wordpress stats also. Some days I check them every few hours because I need my self esteem boosted to get through my work day. i feel more validate here and accepted for who I am. I feel very out of place at work.


      1. annie,

        omg! who would check their wordpress stats multiple times a day??

        er, that would be me, he says sheepishly. 🙂

        for the same reason you do. I’m driven for wordpress badges. i just went by 200 likes, btw! , patting myself on the back.


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  2. Beautiful insight that applies also to adults. I read it somewhere that Facbook will make enemies out of friends, while Twitter will make you fall in love with a total stranger. There seems to be a bit of truth to that, but regardless of the platform, it is the way that they are used that is important. As Joe Rogan and others have noted, re: social media: this is not how we talk to one another in the real world.

    Your daughter is blessed with insight. May she continue to develop her self-esteem as she follows her heart.


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    1. Thank you 🙂 I am hopeful that she will continue to follow her heart and to express her feelings the way she feels them. I was proud of her post on facebook today. She was happy to have me post it here. I hope it boosted her self esteem that I did that.
      Thank you for reading my blog

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      1. DEALING WITH BULLIES – I deal with bullies and bad guys by reporting as Earth’s Personal Dummy. By embracing my small brain and loud obnoxious behaviour I free myself from the poop that some small minded human may want to toss at me. I usually prescribe myself a large dose of radical self deprecation when it comes to dealing with Bullies, Uranus or any other anus for that matter. I find that Uranus and all anuses for that matter WILL come clean or pucker up and disappear when confronted by a Haemorrhoidal bleeding anus as opposed to a mere little anus. So the next time some calls you an asshole – tell them – Haemorrhoidal bleeding A hole to yuo – and I’ll bet you can’t even spell that.


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