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Mental Illness caused by Psychological Damage and Abuse

* this post is in honor of Silvergirl who is a wonderful wounded healer and has an excellent blog on wordpress*

People with mental illness often have psychological damage from being subject to “Situations that Must never Be”.  This is my phrase for any situation which is causing log term damage to a person in any physical or mental way.

These situations that must never be, are many and come in many forms. Any situation of mental abuse or physical abuse of a person should not be. The sad fact is that these situations occur every day. People are suffering in relationships like these as we speak. You might be one of them.

You have chosen to click on this post because the title of it struck a nerve with you. Most likely you have been abused in your lifetime. It may have been during your childhood and / or it may have been as an adult. Many people that were abused as children , end up in abusive relationships as adults.

The psychological damage from living in abuse is extensive and can cause depression, severe anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and other mental illnesses. It is also common that people with other mental disorders such as depersonalization disorder, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder , social anxiety and  insomnia have experienced abuse during their lifetimes.

As people with mental illness, we sometimes make choices that are harmful to us that other people would not make. We are so used to things being abnormal and painful that we tend to not notice the red flags of an abusive relationship until it is too late.

The mental illness causes us to end up in codependent , manipulative, abusive relationships. On the flip side, these relationships that cause severe mental suffering break our poor brains and we end up with mental illness that we may not have already had.

Which one comes first? The mental illness, the psychological damage, the abusive relationships? It is hard for us to tell. If you think back through your past , if you can remember, then you will most likely identify abuse against your mental health. 

Situations of trauma cause PTSD. The people who tend to be the most affected are the ones who have had some kind of mental trauma in their past.

There are cases of severe trauma (like military horrors,)  that can cause PTSD , even of the person had a “normal” past. But a lot of the people who endure ptsd that never seems to go away, had some form of abuse prior to that trauma.

It is sometimes difficult to identify abuse from our past/ For some people it is glaringly obvious and for others it has been blocked out by their own brain. The brain wants to protect itself from further trauma and will black out memories and deny us access to them.

People with psychological damage often have more than 1 or 2 mental disorders. Some of us have so many that we feel kind of stupid “showing off our list” to people.

It feels like it will be disbelieved to write out the list such as…

…OCD, insomnia, depersonalization disorder, PTSD,  generalized anxiety disorder, domestic abuse victim, depression,  ACOA, eating disorder,  codependence,  social anxiety and derealization disorder, and avoidant personality disorder.

 See? …Now I feel weird.  My list  looks crazy to me… Really I look at that list and wonder how the hell I get through the day at all…barely by the skin of my teeth sometimes… that is …when i am able to get out of bed…

You are not alone if your list looks as long as mine does. My mental abuse goes back into childhood and I also had abuse as an adult victim of domestic abuse.  Things that occur in life that other people could “suck it up” about and get through, send me into severe post traumatic stress.

11 thoughts on “Mental Illness caused by Psychological Damage and Abuse”

  1. Things that occur in life that other people could “suck it up” about and get through, send me into severe post traumatic stress.” Same here. I don’t even know if I want my abuser dead.

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  2. Thank you Annie, you are a fabulous writer and I feel very privileged that you wrote this post with me in mind.

    I guess it’s a complicated and controversial subject..

    But I believe the terms ‘mentally ill’ and ‘mental illness’ have to go … for everybody.

    I have lived with a lifetime of chronic depression amongst other things but I would not define myself as mentally ill. I am only mentally ill by doctors standards and maybe I am arrogant enough to believe from personal experience I know a little more about what mental illness really is..

    Whatever made me this way, my past, my childhood (I believe we’ve all had our traumas large and small..) .. it has also made me awesome :o)…. just as it has made you.. I am sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive and I embrace those qualities as my greatest gifts.

    The path to those gifts come with challenges. It’s not easy being sensitive but you do learn to handle it and it becomes a gift

    Much of what is considered eating disorders, bipolar, schizophrenia, chronic depression etc.. are our souls screaming for attention and healing (don’t fool yourself thinking you can fool your own soul).. So for me the mind/ thinking/ brain issues are a very much a smaller part of a much bigger picture

    Those suffering may consider healing your past, addressing your fears, (present day and soul level) and living in accordance to your soul’s needs not just your wants and desires (ego) .. for future happiness – love, career and environment wise.

    A doctor can only help so much, a therapist can only help so much, the true responsibility for healing is up to ourselves,

    After that you can really start to embrace all the beautiful gifts and quirkiness that is you …. you realize you are perfect and there is nothing to ‘fix’.

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    1. I agree with you about the mindset that the terms invoke in people. The terms are still searched by people though and they are the link to people connecting with my posts.

      I have had people find my posts from searching the terms mental illness on google and bing. I want people to find my blog but I do not want to encourage people to feel condemned to a life of being mentally ill if there is healing for their psychological trauma.

      it is a tricky situation to mediate in my mind. I will try to encourage people to think of their temporarily disabled brains as damaged rather than permanently ill. Although physical illness is often temporary and not permanent, so “illness” does not have to imply a permanent state of your brain.

      I love you and I love your blog. I care about what you think about how I approach my posts. Please know that when I use the term mental illness , I am doing so in order for people to be able to find the posts.

      You are welcome for the post. You are an inspirational person to me.

      Much love and healing thoughts sent your way,

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      1. Thanks Annie, that is so beautiful..

        I do understand what you mean regarding ‘mental illness’ as a link and you are doing great work and are a truly knowledgeable and passionate writer and compassionate person.

        I believe people need what you are doing for support, connection, knowledge and understanding.

        It is true that the prolonged stress from trauma, abuse or neglect do cause visible physical damage to the brain. I’m not sure if you have seen the scans of the brain of a neglected child compared to a ‘normal’ child’s brain.
        Your brain can heal.. it takes time and removal from the stressor.

        I do not feel ‘mental illness’ a compassionate title whereas psychological injury invokes compassion..
        But in saying that many people are quite unaware that they have ever been abused – abuse can be so subtle , you just get used to it – narcissistic abuse makes the victim look crazy and the last thing they also need is being ‘labelled’ mentally ill.
        Keep up the awesome work that you were born to do..
        SilverGirl x

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  3. This is the first post of yours that I have read and I’d like to say I really like your style. I feel very encouraged by your matter-of-factness. It is what it is. I like this part, too: “We are so used to things being abnormal and painful that we tend to not notice the red flags of an abusive relationship until it is too late.” Abuse lingers and shows up in unexpected ways. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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    1. Thank you for your comments about my writing. I am happy to know that you felt connected with it and liked the matter of factness that I speak with. Things are what they are , even if they are not neat and pretty. If we deny the truth about ourselves , we cannot find healing. The way that I think about things is often not accepted in the world of status quo people that like to make everything look perfect. I feel like i have to be a different person at work, or at least hold back an important part of myself. On wordpress I have been able to express myself freely and honestly. Those that connect with it keep reading, and those that do not ..move on. Thank you for being encouraging. I needed that today 🙂

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