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The Value of a Caring Friend

When you are haunted by depression or severe anxiety, you need someone who is on your side. You need a good friend who understands and accepts you for who you really are. They are your support system for surviving the pain of mental and emotional suffering.

For people that are recovering from domestic abuse, they are also the person that reminds you that you never deserved the abuse. They are there to keep you from making the choice to go back, when you forget how bad the abuse was.

If you have any kind of mental illness or psychological injury to your brain, you need a support system. If there is a person that is always there for you when you are hurting, they are the key element to your support network. It is good to have other means for reaching out as well, but they are the one you can just be with, and you feel better.

People that really know you and care about you, know when something is wrong by the sound of your voice over the phone. They know by how you sound without you saying anything.

Those people are hard to come by. Value them and take care of them when you are able to. People that know how to listen, and care enough to notice how you are feeling are blessings to be cherished.

Most people are too busy with their own agendas to stop and pay attention to someone else. If someone pays enough attention to you in general to be able to tell when something is wrong, they are in the minority. If they then take the time to listen and to help you, then they are friends to be treasured.

I can only think of a few over the years.  Sometimes there are long periods of time with no one like that in your life. There are so few people who will ever care about you so much that they will drop what they are doing to listen. When they cannot, they will create a time for you as soon as they are able to. They will let you know to hang on and they are working on making a time for you, just because they care.

Do not take these people for granite or push them away carelessly. It could be years before you find another person you can call when you need help. Picture what it would be like not to have them in your lives. Then you will see how much of a blessing they are, even if they are not perfect.

I am not talking about abusers who are nice to you in between the abuse. I am talking about that person that really cares about your feelings and your well being. That person that can tell when you are upset about something before you tell them

This is the person who boosts your self esteem when you are crushed down by others. The one who helps you to feel good about yourself..

You may not have anyone like that right now, but they will come. When they do, remember what it was like when you had no one to call.

May all of you have or find someone who knows you and cares about you like that. Forgive them for their shortcomings and value them for just being there for you when you need them.



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