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Depression Hurts

depression hurts

Depression is real.

Depression really hurts.

Depression is exhausting.

Depression is scary.

Depression is dangerous.

If you have depression, don’t suffer in silence.  Find someone you can tell. If the people that are around you every day will not understand then find another way to talk to someone.

Go through this list until you see an option for you.

1. Family member

2. Friend

3. Teacher

4. Primary care Physician

5. Guidance Counselor

6. Neighbor

7. Online friend

8. Facebook Groups (Closed Groups)  (search on facebook under the key word  ” depression”. There are closed groups you can go to the page of the group. Then request to join. They will add you and then give you the rules of the group. There is always someone on there to talk to. Face book has both public and closed groups on all kinds of mental illnesses. Some are for specific issues and other are for mental health issues in general.

9. Online Groups for depression, because sometimes you just can’t drag yourself out of bed. When it is like that then you probably won’t leave the house to get help. Psych Central has groups for most  mental illnesses. Some are general and some are for specific disorders.


6 pm

If you can’t , you can’t. Some days it gets to be 4pm and then 6pm and we just cannot even get dresses, nevermind leave the house. It happens. It has happened to me. 

10. WordPress Blog (if you have a wordpress blog you can meet other bloggers who have struggled with depression. Search the tags to read their blogs. Once you read other people’s blogs, more and more people will follow you and read your posts. Post under the tag depression and people will connect with you . If this does not work for you, Try one of the other things on this list

11. 12 step groups local

12. local Church ( sometimes they have someone to counsel you, it does not matter what denomination you go to, they should be able to connect you)

13. Helpline

National Suicide Prevention Helpline

Hotline & Helpline Information

24-hour Hotline

National Suicide Prevention Helpline

  • 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK)
Suicide Prevention Services Depression Hotline 630-482-9696

Crisis Help Line – For Any Kind of Crisis 800-233-4357

14. Tumblr has Mental-Health-Advice.Usually someone is available to talk to you 24 hours. It may be worth a try.  They have a therapist o line that will respond to your posts/ questions in a timely manner Just go to your Tumblr account and look for Mental-Health-Advice, then click follow.

15. Internet information and resources


5 thoughts on “Depression Hurts”

  1. Online friends would be my best bet…
    I have missed you crazy Annie. How are your daughters? And work? And the two litre bottle of coke? And see, I just woke to pee now. Lol.
    Some things never change, eh?
    Love you…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh ! The plight of the overactive bladder ! Cursed thing !
      Nice to hear from you. I am struggling to survive but I have some ideas to make some changes that make me feel more FReeeeeEEEEE! WEEEeeeEEE! Once the tax refund comes I will be able to breath a little and have enough to start working on the ideas I have to work for myself.
      I hate working for other people. I hate living with people that suppress me.
      I feel suppressed at work and at my house and that is why I have been spiraling down into this depression. But I am going to work on the business ideas first. Then I will have ground to stand on to make other changes.
      I hope you are doing well.
      Much love,

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Indeed. You deserve to be free, Annie!
        I know how you feel as per the suppressing. It is not easy but I know you’ll tough it out. I wish you all the best this period… you are not alone…


  2. NAMI and DBSA groups are another source of support. these groups offer advocacy for people with mental disorders and often offer meetings for people with the mental disorder but also offer meeting for supporters. they also offer a plethora of resources. also checkout meetup.com. you make be able to find a depression support group in your area.


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