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Mental Abuse … Let’s Unfriend them and Block Them… Just Like We Do on Facebook !

block the disturbing people

Yes, I said it. I want to block the manipulative, controlling  people.

I want to Unfriend them… or Unfamily them … as the case may call for.

Not everyone. Just the people that are soul-sucking, self-esteem crushing, and  undermining.

But there are circumstances in which this is difficult to impossible to do. Well, I won’t say impossible. It is a timing thing. You have to put up with breathing the same air as certain narcissistic, manipulative people until you can make your move to disentangle from them forever.

The case of having one of them as a family member and a landlord is one of those situations. You can run but you can’t hide.

Even if I manage to avoid him for weeks, he can still access my apartment. He can still threaten me with taking the keys to my car, and worse…getting rid of my favorite bunny rabbit.

So for the sake of my love for my bunny, I have to behave. Isn’t it amazing that some people have to in control of everything in their path so badly, that they are willing ti destroy another person’s well being over it?

So, I am sympathizing with anyone still living with a mentally abusive person or that used to live with them. I hope that once you are out of there, you will never have to live with a narcissistic person ever again. Living in fear for your mental health is a terrible thing.

If you have nothing to lose, then they have nothing. But they seem to hav way of discovering just what things you could not bear to lose  (the bunny and my car) and then manipulating you with them.

He also will occasionally say horrible things to my young daughter. He once told her that if she and her cousin kept laughing too loud, he would evict all of us from the house.

And …he told her that I would blame her for it because he would tell me she was the reason we were being thrown out into the street.

She was 10 years old when this happened. It was while I was at work, trying to make money to pay his $1,000 a month rent! for 3 tiny rooms in the attic of this huge Victorian house.

The house is beautiful, except for up here, where I live with no dishwasher, no stove , no oven, no living room, no beds and the fridge is in one of the bedrooms, because there is no kitchen to put it in. The shower is broken, the bathroom sink is clogged and the paint is peeling off the walls.

Some of you are already out of your abusers clutches and I am soooo glad. I want you to never subject yourself to anyone like that again.

Those of you still living under the reign of a mental abuser…..You will get out.

You will get out and I will get out!

And when we do, we won’t even look back!



9 thoughts on “Mental Abuse … Let’s Unfriend them and Block Them… Just Like We Do on Facebook !”

    1. I will be able to. I had given up hope prior to when I started the blog on here. But the connection and also reading other people’s stories had helped my self esteem to get better than it was. Self esteem is everything. It was so crushed down because of what went on here the last several months before I started the blog.
      My mother in law was undermining me with my daughters. She did not agree with the choices that my teenage daughter and I were making about her schooling. She went behind my back and enrolled her into a christian online school. She would not let me see the course descriptions or have any info about the school.
      She had a meeting with my daughter. my ex husband and herself behind my back. I the mean time I was going through all of the motions of setting up her school that I was planning to do.
      Then my ex mother in law informed me that she was taking delenn all day every day to do this school with her.
      I was crushed because I loved homeschooling my daughters. It was the last thing left that I had any self esteem about.
      Also I no longer had any help from my daughter with anything in the house or with my younger daughter. She was basically taken from me all day Anytime I asked for her to help me with anything at all, the mother in law would say that she had extra school to do with her. Even at 7 or 8 at night.
      I was drowning with trying to work and take care of the younger daughter and the house all by myself.
      That was the point I broke and became very depressed.
      I was still trying to recover from the domestic abuse i escaped from and I had no support, only undermining.
      That was september
      I started the blog in the middle of october
      At least I can talk about things here and I do not feel as crazy as I did before. The people in this house make me feel crazy for thinking the things they do are inappropriate. They tell me I am over sensitive. They said I should just work and let them take over my kids. They are my kids. If I only work then what is my life for? I can’t even take my daughter to a dr appt or shopping without permission.
      It is really messed up but they tell me they are helping me.
      Thank you for being supportive . I know now that I am not crazy like they want me to think I am.
      It is like a form of gaslighting but from a husband and wife team. And actually my ex husband agrees with them because he does not want them to retaliate against him.
      I wonder if the Team Gaslighting is something that other people have experienced? Have you ever heard of such a thing?
      Love and Hugs,

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      1. I’m so sorry Annie and you’re not crazy but I can see how the situation you are in is extremely stressful. I am not at all surprised that you are suffering from depression – who in the hell wouldn’t be..
        Have you heard the saying – ‘Before you diagnose yourself with mental illness, or depression just make sure you are not in fact, just surrounded by arseholes…’

        They are psychologically abusive and another word for that is ‘crazy making’.

        Also it is a beautiful trait to be sensitive – so own it and don’t ever lose it :o)
        As for being too sensitive – well that’s a word only insensitive judgmental people use..
        I have experienced similar with my children, my ex and family. It’s hell.. I’m surprised I’m alive.. because they did try to emotionally destroy me.

        I got some advice from an counsellor for abused women, she said
        “take care of yourself first – like in the aeroplane, put your own oxygen mask on first before you put your children’s on ..
        You have to survive first … for them…. focus on your own financial independence and your own emotional and physical health/ survival – your children know what is happening and when you are free and independent their feet will do the talking..

        I am carving a path out, for my children to follow. And it will be far away from this craziness and these crazy people.

        I’m so happy to hear you have plans.. setting up your own business is a great idea – I believe in you and I am going to do the same. Right now I am not free either, but I also have a plan to free myself.
        Don’t give up fighting for your freedom, make a strategy, believe in yourself, have faith.



  1. So important that we take care of ourselves and our children. So important remove ourselves from toxic relationships. #NoMore I wish you and your daughter the best in finding a healthier and emotionally safer living environment.


  2. no one has the right to control you or abuse you, and anyone that came from a place of love wouldn’t dream of doing that to another person. Don’t waste another precious moment on this person, get out as soon as you’re able, sending lots of love and light your way


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