Dealing With Guilt Part 1 (False Guilt)

I found this post really hit home with issues I have. There are people who use guilt as a tool to manipulate you. Some of us have trouble telling whether or not we should feel guilty or not, when people scold and criticize us.

The two domestic abuse situations I lived in, were filled with my being blamed for everything. I was so confused by them that I could not tell what was my fault and what was not. It is a typical tool of mental abusers.

I like what the writer says here about being aware of people who always make you feel at fault. A red flag should go up, if things are always blamed on you and you always feel guilty around someone.
Great post 🙂

Volcanoes and Diamonds


I am starting a 3-part series on the feeling of guilt. There are different sources of guilt that can affect us, and I hope a closer familiarity with those sources will help you identify the types of guilt in your own life to deal with and heal from. Part 1 will be covering FALSE guilt.

Is all guilt always properly placed? No. Some unfortunately manipulate false guilt onto others for personal gain, and the victims don’t even process it!  If you notice a mutual trend of guilt in your life with a particular person or group, consider if that person gains anything from you-favors? Money? Car rides? Time? Attention? Power? False guilt is common in adult-adult unhealthy relationships where someone commonly receives something from you with the expectation that you will give it, and giving condemning accusations if you don’t.  Are you consistently giving out of guilt? Do you have a compulsion to say “yes” and…

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