Kindness Connection Brings Out Our Humanity – by Annie Mimi Hall

Kindness Blog

humanity connection kindnessI  was looking through some counseling literature, which said;

“Do someone a good turn today. Make sure they do not find out it was you. If they find out it was you, then it will not count.”

The idea of this concept is that if you do an act of kindness and let the person know you did it, then you are really just doing it for yourself in some way. You are seeking their praise and thankfulness for yourself. You are not truly doing something purely for the other person.

I disagree that it does not count, when the person finds out you did them a “good turn.” It does count and is perfectly fine.

In fact, some acts of kindness are impossible to do without the person knowing. It sometimes requires coordinating with them to make sure what you are doing is the best thing for them.


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