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Don’t Forget To Love and Hug Your Pet On Valentines Day ! :)

hug your pet

Pets give us unconditional love. They are unlike any human, in that they do not judge us at all, Even the people that try hard not to judge, still have a subjective view of us and notice our faults.

Our pets just love us. Even when our hair is messed up. Even if we gain weight. Even when we are tired ans sick. Even if we do not feel sociable or talkative. They listen to us and respond to our voices. They make us smile and laugh.

They know us and love us, just the way we are. Here are a few very short videos, I have given you here. You can see my sweet bunny and how he gives me hugs and kisses 🙂

My silly bunny is peeking his ears up next to my bed right now…no..whoooop!…he hopped up on the bed with me. If he gets jealous of the computer, he will come sit right on the laptop. (one time he actually took my cell phone right out of my hand and tossed it on the bed! ) LOL    Here he comes…..

Nope, he is hopping around the bed and fiddling with my blankets.

Good Night from Annie and Bunny,

I need to put him away for the night now. Let’s see if he will go in his cage….Nope ,,,gotta go catch him first ,,,LOL

Good Night from Annie and Bunny,

9 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Love and Hug Your Pet On Valentines Day ! :)”

  1. So often we think we are alone, yet the Lord has given us the animals in this kingdom. He gave the first man the honor of naming them. I think about how animals have helped so many people recover from mental illness, physical illness, surgeries, and kept people sane. That commercial where the guy comes in from a hard day’s work and changes to go out (and puts on a dress…) and his dog just LOVES him. So beautiful. Happy Valentine’s day to you!!! ❤ ~Ingrid

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      1. Almost all of my animals have just come to me ❤ a true surprise and blessing. One was a gift out of all my life, and he was a rescue from the pound. I'd love to hear your story when you get time. ❤ ~Ingrid

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  2. Yes, maybe other readers would enjoy the story of how I got the bunny too. I will write a post about it. He is such a sweetie. I am glad you have had animals just come to you too. It is like they were meant to be with us.


  3. I believe that when they do just appear into our lives and stay for the remainder of theirs, we were meant to love them and be loved by them. I also believe we shall see them in heaven. The Bible says that all creatures will be resurrected and sing God’s praises ❤ Which is the only way I'd want to have the hereafter, to have all our loved ones (animals included) with us.

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