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Your Voice Matters!!

“Never let someone else decide how good you are. And never make an exception to that rule. Your words, and your unique way of expressing them, are a gift given to you. If someone else doesn’t appreciate them, then good for them. It’s not their gift, so it has nothing to do with them. Its your responsibility to respect your gifts and to protect them from negativity ”

These are words of wisdom that I paraphrased from a friend of mine. This is what he tells me when I feel my life energy being sucked out of me by controlling people who desire to suck self esteem out and knock my creative thinking. These people are soul-sucking predators, who get their self esteem boosted by crushing other people down.

No matter how good you are at what you do, or how right you might be about something, there will always be that person that wants to make you feel inadequate. They want to make you give up on your individuality and silence your voice.

No one has the right to silence another person’s voice, who is a kind person and is trying to create the best reality they know how. When you are trying to be strong and make your voice heard, someone will show up and try to undermine you.

There is always a critic in the hall. If you sing a song, someone will tell you that your singing is bad. If you write a book to help others, someone will tell you that the book is without merit. When you try to support and guide your children the best way you know, someone will call you a bad mother.

There are controlling people out there that want everything done their way. They will try to conform you into their drone. If you keep on with your opinions and your methods, they will try to force you to change. If you do not change then they will attempt to retaliate against you.

More often than not, these people are in your own family. There may be a certain family member that you have who is always critical of you. They want things done their way and there is no room for your opinion or individuality.

Sometimes you will run into them at work also. Women can be very undermining of other women. If you begin to stand out due to your new ideas, someone will attempt to take you down.

This is a sad thing that sometimes the very people who are supposed to be supporting you will do things to undermine you. This is not the time to give up on yourself or think that your voice does not count. They may find a way to win temporarily. I know how it can be when someone used threats and coercion to control another person.

Do not stop believing in yourself. If you still have to interact with that family member for now, then you can survive it until you can find another way. It is best to limit interaction with soul sucking people, as much as humanly possible.

Your voice matters. You are as entitled to your feelings and thoughts about how to do things as they are. You are yourself. Your ideas may be different from theirs, but id does not mean that they are wrong.

Do not let people crush you down and damage your self esteem. It is very hard to recover from that, once it happens. Once they have crushed your self esteem and made you feel that you will never be heard, then you will become depressed. Depression is an ugly thing and it is hard to recover from.

If you are already depressed because someone has crushed down your feeling of self worth, then please know that your voice matters. There cannot be just one voice.

Some people think that their voice and opinions are the only ones that matter. They think the world would be a better place if their methods were the only ones and everyone did things their way. The world was not made that way.

The world was not ever meant to have one opinion or one method of doing things. God (or your choice of higher power) did not make just one voice. The people that think that their thoughts and ideas are the only valid ones, are not being realistic.

What if their was one voice and it was not theirs? How would they feel about that?

How is it that their voice was anointed to be the one and only truth?

There are more ways to do something that just one. People see things differently and are able to tackle a situation from a variety of different angle and viewpoints. Your feelings about things are just as valid as theirs. Do not let people take away authority from you, when it comes to decisions in your own life.

People do not have a right to force their ways on you, when it comes to your life and your parenting. You have just as much of a right to try things and fail, if need be. When we fail, then we are able to learn and grow.

Your voice matters! Do not let anyone take your voice away from you !



9 thoughts on “Your Voice Matters!!”

  1. You have just described my entire life! LOL I was feeling the only one with the so called “Karma” of having these demons all of my life, but I guess I’m not alone, that doesn’t make me feel better… I have the best quality to deal with all of them, they say it’s my worst feature, (I’ve always known who I am in essence), I have always defended myself because I am very PERSISTENT in defending myself. (They call it stubbornness in a derogatory way…) Either way I am Loyal to myself and to my true nature, no matter what. I live with one of those demons who gave birth to another demon and both have tried to destroy me since I can remember being alive. One of them, the daughter of the 1st demon, tried to kill me twice, the 1st time I was about 7 or 8 years old. I’m still here and very much alive. These are just the two demons I 1st met because even as a child I have been attacted by many since my early age. I don’t know about you, but my soul eaters they don’t use smart phones or computers, not yet, they screw my life over and over and over again, they don’t want to me change, they want to destroy me, that simple. At work or at home I have to deal with the fact that I have no place in this planet and they will always be around to test me in the worst ways possible. When my doctors ask me how can I manage my disorder without meds, I tell them that my disorder is the least of my problems. My desperation is that I am always falling down because I am only one fighting too many. It’s too ugly the way these people behave and I miss deeply those who were my anchor with their hearts full of love to give, they were the only ones who saw what I’m telling you. They were the ones who defended me as a child, they died too long ago. I need good people around me, I need that support and I have none, that what hurts me the most.


    1. It is sad when the ones who would be standing up for us have passed away. I lost an uncle when I was 25 and he was the one who always would believe in me. I am glad you reminded me about that because I can picture that he is still watching over me and wanting me to continue and believe in myself. I am living with people that want to change me and force me to adapt to their narrow minded belief system. They fear “think outside the box” people and they undermine me at every pass.
      They have gone behind my back to ensure that my ideas about how to raise my children are undermined. It is not their place but they have power over me with threats. It is disgusting.
      Hang in there . Your voice matters!


      1. Thank you for your support it means the world right now. I feel disgusted by the way these, real crazy ugly people use our mental disorders in their pleasure and benefit. I’m only helped because the demon I am living with, supposed to be my mother, needs me because I’m the only person “non demon” who treats her like a human being when she is stuck on her bed and all her “friends” disappear. I’m the only one who knows how to take care of her without making her feel humiliated by her physical limitations. I am the only one who didn’t make her pay for everything she did and still does to me, whenever she’s got the power to do so. Hey, I’m no angel, I have my bad instincts telling me to make her suffer as she made me suffer, I still am able to choose not to. Maybe one day for some horrible reason I let the demon inside win, like she did, and then… It is a dam war! I haven’t give up and I am 47 years old! I feel a lot stronger but at the same time my heart is too fragile to believe I have won yet. I’m broken inside. It’s a life of pain and it’s getting harder and harder to get up. You are a warrior as well! Don’t let them win! Hold on to your kids I’m sure you are the mother they need, you fight for them, now that’s a real mother (for those who don’t know)!


  2. So True! I gave a speech once, and had a family member listen to the audiotape. They commented on how monotone and flat my voice still sounded “after all these years” just like when I was younger. I was hurt, but considered the source…..I worked on my public speaking techniques, and focused on the positive feedback from the audience. My message was/is more important than the sound of my voice. I’m not trying to entertain anyone, but help, encourage, and uplift people.
    Jealous nasty people are cruel in so many creative ways. We, the positive folks just need to use our talents to counteract their negativity. It is a war! 🙂

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    1. yes it is true. It is hard to be innovative and creative when the people in our families are trying to discourage us from walking our own path. The comments they make like the one you mentioned are hurtful. I am glad you are able to still realize that your project is valid. Most people will not even think about how your voice sounds, but will accept and focus on the content and the intention behind it. There are people that have to be right all the time. They do not respect others who try new things and explore creative ideas.


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