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I am Your Narcissist …poem

i am your narcissist

I am your narcissist

You are my muse

You inspire me daily

By being yourself

You inspire my contempt

You inspire my jealousy

You enrage my mind

You darken my purpose

I will restrict your freedom

I will confuse your thoughts

I will make you question reality

I will make you question your sanity

You will remember what I tell you to

You will keep your opinions to yourself

You will always check-in with me or else

You will endure the resulting hell

I am your narcissist

You are my muse

It you want to play my game

I guarantee you will lose

11 thoughts on “I am Your Narcissist …poem”

    1. Yes, sadly that is very common.Some of these men can be very enticing and charismatic to lure the women with false promises. “I won’t hit you again” “I really love you and want to protect you” They exert control over the victim under the guise of protecting them from other people and bad situations. They cause them to fear their friends or fear going to work. Then they cause them to fear retaliation from the abuser if they do not comply to his wishes. The fact that the women go back seems stupid but there is some sort of hold like a spell that the guy has on them. They make them come back to them by seeming so good and like they have changed. They are very good actors.

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  1. Annie, I don’t know if you will see this, but I liked your comment explaining this from February.
    This is an amazing poem on a Narcissist. In your comment I loved how you pointed out that they can make themselves seem like your protector from other abusers/bad people, thus seeming like the good guy/protector. This is sooo very true. Then they make promises of safety/love and then begin to confuse you with the opposite. Sometimes they do not even have to lift a finger or raise their voice. Hmmmm.. I think those may be the scariest.
    So very good. Thank you for this. xxx -CC

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    1. Thank you for your comment, CC. The weird thing of it is that I was smack in the middle of being deceived by a narcissist while I was writing this comment, and I did not even know it…at least not consciously. He was still being “my protector” in a weird way. But his way of manipulating me was to instill fear in me about others and to minimize my ability to deal with situations.

      He had me conditioned to call him prior to interactions that I could possibly compromise myself , particularly related to my job. He had convinced me over time that I had to check in with him, before asserting myself in situations at work, etc because I might make bad decisions , or say things out of a manic state , that were inappropriate.

      Then he did the typical narcissist thing, which is to condition someone to having to have contact with them, and then blow them off when help is perceived to be really needed. There was a double message of “Do not talk to anyone before checking with me about your mental state and what you should say” ….and….”I am too busy to talk to you right now, I will call you back” and then the calling back turning from 3 hours to 6 hours to 8 hours etc. The talking all about himself and not listening to me anyway.

      It was a very sick behavioral modification . As I slowly dig my way out of the mental pit that I ws intentionally placed into, I realize that my capability to deal with situations is not nearly as bad as he made it out to be and that by relying on him, I had lost confidence and developed increased fear of people in general.

      The whole time I was thinking he was protecting me from people I should fear, I actually should have been more concerned with my safety with him…not the others.

      Sad. and Very sick. I could write a book about all the manipulation tactics he used. He was very intelligent and very insidious to systematically destroy me, the way he did. Three weeks out and I am just barely beginning to think more normally again.

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      1. Annie,
        How awful for you! I had no idea. This is really high level abuse from a highly skilled and intelligent person. This was actually along the lines of what I was speaking of in my comment. I am feeling so much empathy for you at this moment.
        I have been completely drained of any self-identity at this point myself. I am amazed at your ability to regain normal thinking after three weeks. Please do know you are in my thoughts. xxx -CC

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