8 thoughts on “Talking coffee mugs!”

      1. lol… nope 😀 I always felt a little ridiculous practicing CPR and that was the script – which reminds me, I had to do actual CPR on someone once, and hesitated for a second. The doctor ask me if I was all right, and I said, “Yeah, I’m just trying to remember the lady’s name!” I sure couldn’t call her Annie! ROFL!

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    1. LOL. Well I was playing with Image Chef and I was having so much fun entertaining myself by writing on these mugs . I got carried away. I posted the Your Voice Matters on my facebook page and some of my friends responded with “LIKe” . Then I posted the next one and a few people responded. When everyone stopped responding I realized that i was driving them crazy. So I personified the coffee mug , to be reacting like my friends did.
      Stop Writing on the mug !
      I was able to laugh at myself this way and I thought it might give some of you a laugh when I wrote “This is an Intervention”
      Do you watch “HOw I Met Your Mother?” I love that show. One of the running gags is that the characters occasionally will have an intervention for a member of their group. It is usually about something funny like Barnie doing magic tricks with fire too often…
      That is what made me think of the intervention idea.
      Lots of love

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