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Therapeutic Value to Various Blogging Methods

Blogging as Therapy?

Can writing be therapeutic for us? Many bloggers would say that they find blogging very therapeutic for them. Sitting down at our computers and writing our thoughts and feelings out, gives us an outlet for our emotions.

It is a way to let our feelings out and not keep them bottled up inside. When there is no one to talk to, we can sit down and talk as much as we need to.

Types of Writing

What  different methods of writing have you found to be beneficial to you? Do you write with a main topic in mind and then let it flow? Do you create an outline, with the main ideas and subtopics on a piece of paper first?

Perhaps you have experimented with a  free writing or  “stream of consciousness”  way of writing. Or maybe you do some research before or during your writing process.

All of these methods are valid. One is not better than another. People tend to have one preferred method of writing. Although they may utilize one or two the other methods as well.

What is your primary method for writing for your blog posts? I am sure you can picture yourself sitting down to write about something right now. How would you begin?

Writer’s Personality and Preferred Writing Styles

The therapeutic value, to the various writing methods, is a bit different because each one requires a different type of organizational and thinking process. Your primary method of writing is tied to your personality.

Even the number of methods you use on a regular basis has to do with your personality. A person who has a regimented, scheduling type of personality will most likely stick to their tried and true method, without straying too far away from it. A more eclectic person will most likely want to utilize more than one writing method.

Mood of the Writer

Someone with a wide range of personal mood fluctuation, like myself, will select their writing method, based on the mood or mental state they are in at the time. There is no right or wrong to your choice of writing methods. It is an individual thing.

A new writer may use a certain method because it is easier for them at the beginning. Most likely this would be a method that requires some pre-planning in order to feel confident before beginning to work on the piece.

Experiment with Different Writing Styles

As you grow in your writing abilities, you can experiment and be a bit more playful with your writing style and experiment with various writing methods.

To expand your view and enhance your writing, I would check out all different kinds of blogs. You will see that there are very different approaches to writing that end up with very different results.

Various Types of Blogs

Also some blogs are focused around the person themselves, while other blogs are about a general topic or concept. It is fun to make it a game and see if you can identify what writing method the writer likes to use.

Journal Style Writing

Some people write their blogs in journal style. That is, they write what happens in their lives from day to day. This type of blog is in chronological order and is usually started by the writer with the intent of being a therapeutic outlet.

The original purpose of this kind of blog is met, as the blogger writes out their thoughts and feelings. The subsequent benefit is a self esteem boost, when the blog becomes more popular.

Research Method of Writing

It may surprise you that writing by using the research method, can be therapeutic as well. If you are having anxiety, the act of going through the research process, will focus your brain on what you are learning. There can only be one part of the brain dominating your mental state at one time.

If the rational, analytical part of the brain is switched on, then naturally the other functions will become subordinate. The amygdala, which is the fight or flight part of the brain, is in charge, when you are in a state of extreme anxiety.

You mind may have trouble focusing at first, depending on how severe your anxiety is, but the more you get the analytical part of the brain turned on, the less your brain will be able to continue with the racing thoughts that are causing your anxiety, Your fears will be able to calm down.

Stream of Consciousness Writing

Another method of writing is called “Stream of consciousness” writing, This method is at the other end of the spectrum from research writing. Whereas, in research writing you are being very organized in your writing, in stream of consciousness writing there is no organized structure.

I am a musician and in music we would call this “improvising.”  You are letting the music stream out of you as it comes to you. In the case of writing, you are letting your thoughts flow out, by way of your pen or keyboard.

Writing to a Prompt

There is also “prompt” writing, where someone gives you a writing prompt and you have to base what you write around the original prompt. This is sometimes done as a contest or a game, given by other bloggers or writing sites. A prompt can be a line from a story, a famous quote, a photograph or any other bit of inspiration.

Which Type of Writing is Best for You?

All of these methods are valid, and you can create amazing posts by experimenting with each one of these. The more things you learn about and try, the better of a writer you will become.

Even if you experiment with a method and decide it is not your forte,  you will still gain some insight into yourself,  by doing some writing in this style.

You do not have to post your experiments, unless of course you want to. This is an exercise for your brain, in order to stimulate creativity.

Have Fun and Grow Your Strengths

It is also a way to get in touch with possibilities and tap internal resources you may not be aware of. The more different types of writers you read and the more methods you try, the more versatile of a blogger you will become.

As you explore your personality and find your voice as a blogger, your self esteem will be boosted. This has tremendous therapeutic value, in addition to being able to write out your feelings. Many bloggers find that blogging is very therapeutic for them, including myself.

Happy blogging! Have fun with it!

14 thoughts on “Therapeutic Value to Various Blogging Methods”

  1. This is a lovely post Annie! Writing has been an outlet for me. A dam that bursts with all the pent-up emotions, frustrations and creativity. Writing really helps. I never knew until I tried.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is interesting that you say “I never knew until I tried” I feel the same way. I always did well in Creative writing in school, but I never thought of myself as a writer. I was helping friend with the copy in his web site and he mentioned that he thought I was an excellent writer and I should pursue it. I did not think much of it at the time.
      A few months later, he asked me to assist him again and he told me the same thing.

      That was this past October 2014 and so I decided to start the blog then, in the middle of October. I thought I would write a few things and see what happened. I was very surprised that it went so well and I discovered the added benefit of feeling better after I wrote in my blog. I was hooked after a month or so. I did not even understand what blogging was before.

      It is nice to hear from you.
      Thank you,

      Liked by 1 person

    1. True. I think everyone has a preferred way to write. I like to experiment once in a while, but mostly have a topic in mind and then just write, and copy and paste later. Poetry is completely different for me that regular posts. It is more creating a painting with words.

      For poetry, I like the words to flow from my thoughts, come as naturally as possible. and have an element of beauty to them, even if the poem is sad. I often have the feeling of my poetry coming from another source, like a third party. There is me, the reader and this entity of inspiration that guides my hand. I am often very surprised how fast ans fluid the poetry comes out of me. If I feel stuck with a poem, I stop working on it. The inspiration is either there or not.

      Always nice to hear from you.
      Much love,

      Liked by 1 person

    1. This is a great method. You can start ny getting your thoughts on the paper, in any order, and organize them later. I love the cut and paste for that. I use it all the time. This way you do not have stress over having everything in the perfect order to begin with.
      Nice to hear from you Felicia !

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very insightful, I suffer from anxiety and depression and do find researching an easy way to get my mind off of the source of my anxiety, I like to also be inspired by something, be it a song, a quote, something that I see/find, or whatever.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree. I do find that when I am inspired by a quote or a song, that I can write my thoughts about it and it comes out pretty well. The research articles take the longest to put together and the most cognitive effort. I write them for 2 reasons, either to get my mind off of anxiety or depression, and / or I really feel that the topic is important enough to spend all the time doing the research. I want to learn more about the topic myself and I also want to share what I have found with others. I always put in my feelings and thoughts about the topic as well, which helps me to feel more in touch with myself, when i am feeling detached (like in a derealization state)
      Thank you very much for your comments.

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    1. Yea I like the Stream of Consciousness method too. I use different approaches to writing on my blog depending on the day and what type of post it is. If I am writing about a specific mental health topic ten I do research first, start compiling quotes, choose the ones I like and kind of write my ideas around the quotes.

      When I write poetry I often just open up the computer and sit, looking at the screen, place my fingers on the keyboard and let my feelings and thoughts tell me what to write. I do very little editing to my poems. Just a word here are there.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I am glad that other people find blogging to be a kind of therapy for them, like I do. I especially feel better after writing poems and posts that just spill things out. I also find that the cognitive process of writing research articles, takes a lot of steam away from my anxiety.


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