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Time for Good Little Insomniacs to go to Sleep and my New Domain Name

I thought I would share this with all of you because it is kind of exciting to me. I did something for the first time. I registered my first domain name !

The name kind of occurred naturally and came out of the blog name, my  topics and my name. When it appeared in front of me in black and white, I had to giggle a bit. But that is what the domain wanted to be named. What could I do? It was the way it came out and it is kind of cute. ❤

You will now see that is to say, gentle mental annie 🙂 when you look in the browser.

By now you all must know that Annie (that’s me) is a gentle soul and loves to connect in kindness and compassion with other people who are nice to me.

The ones who are mean, I just try to avoid them. Here is the blog post I wrote awhile ago about getting toxic people out of our lives.  It does not always work well to avoid mean people. We do our best.

I do not raging at people and I do not like people raging at me. I am very sensitive to people yelling or raising their voices aggressively around me.

I originally came up with gentle kindness for the blog name and that came out of me without any thought at all. When wordpress asked for the name for the blog, I just wrote gentle kindness. That was in the middle of this past October.

You also know that Annie is a bit mental LOL but there is another meaning to that one also.  I write often about mental wellness, mental healing, mental disorders, mental suffering and  mental illness.

I thought that  “mental” should be in the domain name somewhere, so I put in the middle between “gentle” for gentle kindness blog and Annie.

And so, there you have it Gentle Mental Annie !

It is making me very happy right now. Hopefully I did not come up with this out of some manic phase and will regret it in a day or two. It is a but crazy of a name, but I really think it works for me.

For now I am peased and now it is time for all good little insomniacs to go to sleep. It is 4:23 am

Good night from

Gentle Mental Annie ❤

7 thoughts on “Time for Good Little Insomniacs to go to Sleep and my New Domain Name”

    1. Thank you for saying that 🙂 I used gentle kindness for a long time. That was a wordpress domain . I decided to choose a new name when I was ready to pay for a domain name.


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