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Lies I Tell Myself

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2 thoughts on “Lies I Tell Myself”

    1. YES, The bunny is so cute and smart. Maybe he can charm them into letting me keep my money. LOL
      Ugh! I printed the forms and directions, looked at them, tried to fill things out and now I realize that it is way too complicated. I will have to go to one of the malls, or walmart where they have the accountants set up at the little booths. Maybe they can help me, for a reasonable fee.
      Better to pay the accountant 100 than to lose 1400 , I think.

      They make these directions very complicated. I am very educated. i have a bachelor’s degree and most of a masters degree and I cannot make heads or tails of this stuff, Every time I thought I had understood something, I read a little further and then realized that I had not understood it.

      At this point I am not sure if I am supposed to just send them proof of insolvency or if I need to amend the entire taxes. From the way things read, i believe that I should have filed this form 982 (i think that was the number) with my taxes originally. But I did not remember at that time about the forgiven debt and i had no idea that it would count as income.

      So, if I should have filed it with the taxes in the first place, then do I need to amend them with turbo tax and resend?
      I will have to try to get turbo tax on the phone or just go to a accountant at the mall. But i am running out if time. it is such a terrible feeling of being threatened.

      But now it is time for the good night post…

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