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New Blog – Guitar With Annie

Guitar with Annie Blog

I have started a new blog. It is Guitar with Annie Blog. This is a blog for people who play guitar or want to learn to play guitar. I will write about topics related to the guitar, learning guitar and guitar styles and music.

The blog is to promote self esteem and confidence in guitar students. I have many years of experience teaching guitar lessons. I have seen the benefits of learning guitar in many of my students.

I have seen teenagers get better self esteem, which carried over into their school work and social interactions.I have worked with adult students who learned guitar because they always wanted to, but never had the chance. The enjoyed being able to play the songs they love and found practicing and learning to be mentally beneficial and an emotional outlet.

Learning guitar can be beneficial for people suffering from mental illness. I always individualize my teaching style, to the individual student

. I go at the pace that is comfortable for the student. How the person feels about what they are doing, is the most important thing. Everyone has their own pace and their own reasons for learning guitar.

I have taught children and adults with special needs. I even one student with Alzhiemer’s disease.

I have taught very gifted musical teenagers that went on to be music major’s in college. I have taught people that were very serious about their music careers and also people that were just learning for enjoyment.

Guitar can be healing for people with mental illness. There are ways to use guitar as a meditative tool, in order to reduce anxiety and help with depression. This is a specialty and most guitar teachers do not know about this aspect of teaching the guitar.

Teaching is about a connection with the student and creating a safe space for them to learn in. I enjoy creating just the right learning, encouraging and healing atmosphere for my students.

Here is the link to the blog. It is new, so there are only a few posts so far.

Free Guitar Lesson Offer

I am looking for a few people to give free guitar lessons to on Skype, so that I can practice teaching over the internet. I have taught hundreds of lessons in people’s homes and in a music store, but I have not taught online before.

If anyone is interested in doing a couple of free trials, while I learn the Skype, please leave me a note in the comments below. I need a few people that already have a guitar and also have Skype access.

I can only accept about 3 people, for 1-3 free lessons a piece, so if you are interested please let me know.

Blessings to all,


5 thoughts on “New Blog – Guitar With Annie”

  1. Reblogged this on Life Matters and commented:
    Re-blogging this in case any of my followers are interested. I don’t have the musical talent (though I love listening and singing to music), but I can pass it on to others who do. ~Devin

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    1. Thank you for reblogging. I appreciate the support. My financial situation is in a state of severe distress and I can’t tolerate to pick up more hours at my regular job. I have a daughter who needs me home. I need to work from home more, due to the situation with her. Also my child support is about to be cut off and I will be evicted from here , if i do not do something quickly.
      Thank you again


  2. Thank you for caring. It is a difficult situation that I am trying to rise above before I go under. My ex has done this kind of thing before. He isn’t mean but he is not mature either. His income will be ending in May or June. I have not even asked because the anxiety of it, is too much to want to know. He will probably not get a job right away,once the income stops. He has been paying the rent here for me, at his parent’s house. Believe it or not, they will not let me and the children stay without paying them the 1,000 they have been asking for these three rooms in the attic.
    I am not happy at my job and I am also not making enough to support myself and the kids. Guitar teaching was better money, when I used to do that. I can try to teach at people’s houses and also on skype. I like the idea of skype because I can be home and at least here with the kids. I would just let them know when I had to be teaching and for how long. They would not interrupt me.
    Your reblog was encouraging to me. It was a random act of kindness. Those always make me feel like there might be hope. Blahpolar also reblogged it, so that was encouraging as well.
    Thank you for asking about my situation. The next step is to make a couple of youtube videos, teaching songs on the guitar. That way people can see my teaching style. I always loved teaching guitar. I have tried a few times to start again. I did not have a car for a while and other things happened. Now I found out about the Skype and I thought it seemed like a good idea to try.
    Thank you again. I am sitting here lonley tonight. I am getting sleepy . Maybe I will watch something on Netflix. I like the tv show New Girl and they have that on NetFlix. I also like Big bang theory. I think that might be on amazon prime to watch, but paid.


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