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Givers, Takers, and Blood Suckers

Some people are givers 

They try to contribute the greater good. They think is a “we” and “our” sort of way and want to be a positive force in the world. They do not injure others on purpose or take what is not theirs. If you fall in front of them, they will try to pick you up off the floor.

Some people are takers

They want what they want. The are “me” and “mine” sort of thinkers. They take what you offer and take too much. They eat the whole entire pizza and do not save a slice for anyone else.

Then you have to go and make another pizza and try to make sure the others get some. If you fall, they will walk over top of you, while the are licking the pizza sauce off their fingers.

Some people are blood suckers and suck the life force directly out of you !

 This goes beyond just eating the pizza you made to be shared by everyone. They want the recipe and life force that you used to make the pizza.

They want to suck the life force out of you in order to use it for themselves. They do not care about you needing your ability to make pizza. They do not care if you eat or anyone else eats. They only care if they eat.

They do not care of they destroy you in the process.  They deliberately cause you to fall and then move on to the next victim.

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