mental abuse, mental illness, poem, poetry, ptsd


Promises are words

whispered into your ear

For no one else to hear

Just reminders of the fear

Of broken promises long ago

Lies that were told to keep the flow

The way they wanted for it to be

Promises made to imprison me

5 thoughts on “Promises”

    1. It is interesting to me that you are the only one who has noticed that my posts on this blog have been more from the stinging if emotional pain. They have all spoken to you because you are picking up something different about me the past few days. I have been in terrible pain and trauma.
      I cannot believe what has been done to me. Like I needed one more severe trauma to be added on top of the rest. And on my birthday, just to rub lemon juice into the wounds.
      If you take a look at my bipolar blog you will see some of what happened. That version is basic and without the most painful details.
      I will email you later. I have to get up and get ready to go to work.
      I cannot believe that I warn people against the narcissist red flags and then end up being lured in and destroyed by them myself.
      Anyway, I think you were being hit emotionally by my posts because you could feel something behind them.
      You are a wonderful lady and I love to have you as a wordpress friend.
      Thank you

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      1. It is devastating to trust someone when they say ” I love you” and then have them betray that and injure your brain. He knows better. He always talked about how people injured him and how wrong it was and how painful it was


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