Solitary Poetess

Annie's Poetry

She sits in the dim light of a dusty room

Wrapped in shawls of brown and blue

The  soft  knitted hat  from the yard sale last year

Is pulled  down quite tightly  to cover her ears

To dull any sounds that the old house might make

That could trigger her brain into fear

She holds a black inkpen in lovely white fingers and

Scribbles out verses about the lonely ghost that lingers

The curtains blow suddenly, like a gust of wind has come

But the windows are all closed and locked tight as a drum

There is no one else there, as for friends , she has none

She lives all alone as a solitary poet

And spills out her pain into words on the paper

In the corners of the room, she stacks up her life

Every day has been written , each page is in order

Till the…

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