life, mental abuse, poetry

Pillars of Gold

You built me a house with pillars of gold

You made me a bed filled with feathers of down

You laid me down softly and brushed away my tears

You wanted to protect me from the world

You made us a castle to live in as one

Away from the world of reality and pain

I asked you to take me there and show me in person

But you only said “someday” and “soon”

I waited for “someday” with patience and faith

In the mean time I wasted much of my own life away

I waited for “soon” but it got farther away

Your lies were so real they became what was true

But the person you were was not the person I knew

1 thought on “Pillars of Gold”

  1. Reblogged this on nogaslight and commented:
    How many broken promises have there been? How many times have we just thought to ourselves, well this happened, or we don’t have the money, or my spouse is having a tough time of it, or he/she had a bad/sad/whatever childhood…? How many times have we waited for that beautiful picture that was put in our mind to materialize to no avail? The unspoken is that we aren’t worth it. It goes something like this in our minds; “Oh, its okay, someday.” but someday never comes. So empty. Such a sad realization. After what seems to be all of our “best” years too. I know your pain Annie, wish I could hug you. ❤


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