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Annie is Back !!!


I was released  from the hospital  last evening.

20150429_000450  The white blood cells finally  decided to chill out and I was able to eat a few bites of cream of wheat and a few bites of a banana yesterday.


I was on clear liquids from Sunday through Wednesday.

20150429_000518 The take home directions  for eating are to take it up gradually.  For today I can eat soft foods, toast, and clear liquids.


My tummy has no desire  for anything  more than that anyway. Eating feels like an effort  at the moment.  Yuck.


I am still on antibiotics for a few more days. They were running  two kinds of antibiotics  in the IV, which were leviquin and something  that sounded like flaxa or fluxa something. The take home one is levaflaxin or something  like that.


If my head sounds a little  fuzzy then you have  the idea of things.  The antibiotics  cause some dizziness.  Also he gave me something  for sleep,  which is still making  me feel dreamlike.


I took that sleep  medicine,  called hydrosomething last night at midnight  or so. I missed my 1130 am alarm and my 12 noon alarm. I do not even  remember  turning  them off.

I wanted to go up to work to turn in my sick note from  the hospital  physician. I was told yesterday  that there was a meeting  at 2 pm today.

My goal was to get a couple of hours in, by attending  the meeting.   Then turn  in my ER paperwork to the boss,  in order to arrange my return  to work.

So, I did end up getting there, but I was 15 minutes late to the meeting. It turned out okay because like 3 other people were late. Isn’t it awful to be glad for other people doing something wrong, so that you can blend in with them? Sorry about that…human nature I think…LOL

So, I am back now. I picked up dinner for the kids at Frank’s Italian Restaurant. I have some salad and french bread to eat and I got the girls stuffed shells.

I am able to return to work on Saturday. I have to go to the hospital charity are office tomorrow to turn in pay stubs and other proof of income. The hospital bill must be more than I make in a year, at least. I am thankful that they offer charity care at the hospital I was staying at, which is across the street from my house.


I hope you all have been well. I have missed reading your blogs. I tried a few times to read from the hospital, on my cell phone, but it was too strenuous to hold the phone and I kept kinking up the IV lines. The nurses are not too fond of having to come in to unkink the lines, every ten minutes.

I felt like every time I moved at all it made the IV lines kink and then the beeping starts. Beep….beep….beep…Than you call for assistance and they get to you when they can. The sound of the beep…beep…beep…for 20 minutes is disturbing.

I am in bed reading blogs today to catch up with all of you. Thank you for all the kind words , prayers and positive thoughts that you sent my way, while I was sick.

Much Love,


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Does Your Tongue Really Turn Green / Ten Things Annie Hates About the Hospital

Top Ten Things That Annie Hates About Being Sick at the Hospital

1.  Sleeping  in a VERY uncomfortable hospital bed.

2. Some other sick person slept in the bed right before I did

3. Some other sick person slept in the bed right before they did.

4. I have to use the toilet that some other sick person used just before I got there

5. Some other sick person used it before them

6. Trying to wipe your butt with IV lines attached to your wrist

7. Trying to wheel the IV gettup with you into the bathroom

8. The doctor asking you why you are in the hospital …Don’t they have a chart or something?

9. Being woken up to ask if you need a sleeping pill

10. Trying to get any help whatsoever at the shift change

11. Telling you yo unplug and wheel the IV contraption with you  when you have to the toilet. The turning out all of your lights, so it is pitch dark when you wake up and really have to go.

12. Trying to change your hospital gown with the IV connected to your arm.

13. Being asked “Why are you requesting pain medication”

14. Having to rate everything you feel on a scale of 1 to 10.

15. Being asked if you enjoyed your lunch when you are on a clear liquid diet.

16. Some nurse taking away the medications from your purse and locking them away

17. When the really attractive male nurse comes into your room, smiles at you, and says….. We are going to need a stool specimen in this cup.

18. The fact that you are too sick to blog about it until you get home.

19. Finding creative places to hide your E-Cig

20. When the really cute male nurse comes back and reminds you about the stool specimen

21. Going to brush your teeth and realizing that the GREEN tongue that the sick people have in the cartoons was based on reality !

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Pretend Reality

You left your voice playing in my head

You left a part of yourself in my brain

What was your purpose in leaving it?

 Was it all part of your plan to search and destroy?

Get in as close as possible and then

Reprogram the other person’s brain 

So that they…

 Believe in your pretend  love and grandiose plans

To trust in intimacy that is laced with lies

Give them the illusion that they can trust you

When all the while you are leading a double life?

You needed me and then suddenly you were gone

Once you hung up the phone you moved on

How long had you been setting up your new prey…

While you strung me along like a play thing?

What is there left of your soul?

Or did you lose track of it very long ago?

Without your gracing me with goodbye… I’ll never know

Without any closure from you…These thoughts will twist my mind 

But you already knew that

 before we started to play

Your game of reality confusion

And you knew I would still love the one

You pretended to be

The one that you made just for me…

While I would despise the one

that took him away

When you were done using me as a game piece


Out Sick

I will be out of commission  today, as I was last night.  I had to go to the ER last night and they admitted me. I am very sick with a stomach infection.

I am laying  here all hooked up to IV’s. They are running antibiotics  into my arm.

So, have a good day. I am going back to sleep.

Take care,


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Sunset Yesterday Photography


Yesterday my 12 year old daughter and I were out shopping for bunny food at Walmart. This bunny is so spoiled that he will only eat this particular kind of bunny food.


I tried to buy him the cheap brand that had no colored things in it one time.

He tipped the bowl up just so that it went up to the edge of the cage, facing outways. He got just the right angle that dumped all of the food out of the cage, right through the spaces in the gate and onto the floor.

It was funny and surprising, He usually dumps out his food because he does not like it in the bowl. He dumps it into the middle of his cage and eats it. This time it  was a very deliberate method of making sure all the food landed outside of the cage.


(You see this bunny? He is peaking around right now, to see what I am up to. I am sitting on the floor with the laptop and he is making sure I am behaving)



So, anyway…we were at the Walmart than carries his brand.. It is really cool because the picture on the front of the food looks just like my bunny. It is the same color and everything.


So…back to the story…

When we came outside of the store, the sun was setting….


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Guitar Cover of Proud Mary by CCR

Proud Mary was written in 1969  by John Fogerty from the band Creedence Clearwater Revival, otherwise known as CCR.  John Fogerty was the lead guitarist and singer for Creedence Clearwater Revival.  The others members of the band include Tom Fogerty on rhythm guitar, Stu Cook on bass and Doug Clifford on the drums.

Solomon Burke made a cover of this song and changed the style to have a R&B style.  It had elements of gospel and a bit of a country flavor.  His version was played on the black radio stations and made the charts, during the same year that the CCR version was also on the recording hits charts.

John Fogerty loved Burke’s version of the song. He thought that Burke captured his original but also added a feeling of black social consciousness to his version. Fogerty said the following about Solomon Burke’s version of Proud Mary

“Two thousand miles away this man had crawled right up inside my head to learn what Proud Mary was all about. Sure it’s great when someone sings your song, but when he understands it, you listen like it was the first time”  Wikipedia

Tina Turner did an amazing version of this song in 1970. when she was still performing with her husband Ike Turner. She  later was divorced from her abusive husband and went on to become famous in her own right.

There have been many other versions of this song. Personally I love Tina Turner’s solo version of this song the best. I like it better than her version with Ike.

I have sung this song for many years and it has always been a favorite of mine to perform. I sang it in bands in high school and in college. I also performed it solo, when I was playing out in the bars in Fells Point MD. This was quite a few years ago.


Don’t Look Back…I Won’t be There

Annie's Poetry

Tip your hat

Say goodbye!

Don’t apologize

The time has past

It’s not enough

It will not last

Don’t dare ask why

Just move your feet

I will not cry

Not in front of you

It just might stop you…

Like in the past

But not again

I am finally done

You’ve done your damage

You’ve had your fun

Just keep going

On your way

Don’t look back!

I won’t be here

Not this time

Not again

Now, take your things

Take my things

I don’t care about them

Take all this  stuff!

Just leave me my heart

And leave me my mind

Whatever is left

Don’t take your time

Just keep moving

I am not changing my mind

There’s not much left of it

After what you’ve done 

But I will recover

In spite of you

Just keep walking

I’ll see myself through!

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Incorrect Autocorrect

This just happened  to me.

I had just finished  writing  the “Top ten List”  post.

I was typing in key words for the tags and categories.

I typed….”top ten lists”

My cell phone autocorrect changed top ten lists to…. “top ten lusts”

I guess the phone is now wanting to give me ideas for a new blog post!

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Top 10 Ten List Random Thoughts

Random morning musings

1. People  can read lists, even when they are having  anxiety  and are rushing through  their busy day.

2. Reading  lists helps the brain to become more organized

3. Writing  lists helps the brain  to become  more organized.

4. See I mean say to organize the yes brain It is working very so much

5. Just kidding.

6. Did you worry about my brain or think my cell phone was acting up?

7. The brain needs to be active in order to keep working  well.

8. Learning new things keeps the brain active.

9. Learning things can be reading  about something,  learning a new game,  a craft, a new yoga posture….a new  love position. ….mmmm..

10. Just trying  to make you smile a little and see if you are paying attention. If I had someone to practice  love positions with, then I would not be talking to you guys right now….no offense ….sigh..

If you do have someone next to you in the bed that is sweet ..go cuddle and stop reading  my goofy post..

11. You might already know but I have issues sticking within the parameters  of a top ten list.

12. No….really…I just cannot stop talking…

13. And I think it is funny to go past ten…Yes I can sometimes  be easily amused…

14. And I feel boxed in, when I get to number 10

15. And freeeeeeee  to go beyond 10…weeee…womp…womba woo

16. I am feeling a bit better today

17. Perhaps  this depression  that has been sucking me into a pit of darkness  lately, is beginning  to lift

18. I could  not have written  a funny post last week or the week before. ..or a few days ago

19. This is hopefully  a good sign

20. Talkativeness is usually a sign of depression  lifting for me

21. So is the feeling of wanting  to challenge  things, like ethical things at work.

22. But then….sometimes  doing the right thing gets me into trouble

23. I end up annoying  the ” normals” who want me to stay in my place….and not to incorporate  creative, innovative  thinking  into my work

24. Probably  good I am off today…

25. I need to be working  for myself  so I will be free to think outside the bix

26. And go outside the parameters  of top ten lists….so to speak…