Can Anyone Help me to Understand the Stats page Better ?

On the stats page it has little boxes that say “Referrers” …”clicks” …and… “Authors”

I am not clear about what the difference is between these. I think that “referrers” is when a search engine gives your site on the list, when someone types in a certain search phrase. Is this correct?

Then,” Clicks” …Is that the number of people that clicked on your link from the search  engine,  like google or bing?

“Authors” ???

Thank you for any help with understanding this. I am just unfamiliar with these things.


8 thoughts on “Can Anyone Help me to Understand the Stats page Better ?”

    1. Thank you for responding. My father always told me, ” It never hurts to ask. ” Between a few comments, I may figure it out.
      I don’t always look at that page, below the graph, but it was bugging me that I did not understand who and where people were coming from. Mostly curiosity and somewhat feeling like everyone knows but me…
      Have a good day.

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      1. I don’t worry about the numbers… You are a wonderful writer and that’s what matters.. That alone matters the most. Numbers come and go.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Here’s my take on it. Referrers are how people arrived at your blog. If I had seen your post in WP reader, then WP reader would be the referrer. If someone reblogged a post of yours from their site, then their site would be the referrer. Clicks are what people clicked on your blog. If you have a photo or a url in one of your posts and someone clicks on it, you should see it in your clicks section. I don’t see “authors’ on my stats page.
    I hope this helps!



    1. Thank you! It occurs to me now that you say that you do not have the ” author ” box, that maybe that box is applicable to people with more than one blog, like my poetry blog.
      Maybe some people use wordpress as a group, or an entity of some sort. If there is more than one author writing for the blog, maybe the stats tell you which writer got how many clicks.
      That would make sense. So, i can ignore that box, since there is one writer.
      Thank you for helping me figure that out. Your response that you did not have the box was more helpful than you thought it was going to be..LOL

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      1. That’s right. We are a group of 4 people contributing, so our authors section lets us know which of us is writing the most.
        And I think others have steered you correctly on the rest.


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