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Nominees for the Creative Bloggers Award


These are my nominations for the Creative Bloggers Award

I have taken the time to make each of the blog titles below clickable. Please check out some or all of them. These are all creative in different ways.

If you have been nominated, I will also contact you on your blog. You can copy and paste the badge from the top of this post. Other details about the rules are in my Creative Blogger Post Here. 

Ladybug Creations 

  –  Young Woman Artist / Blogger Lot’s of Talent and Heart !  Take Some Time to Enjoy  Her Beautiful Drawings ! Here is her drawing of Elsa from Frozen.

Broken Light A Photography Collective  – 

– A mental illness advocacy blog. showcasing the photography talents of people with various mental illnesses. Check out the talented artistic photographers. The posts are organized by the type of mental illness being depicted in each photograph. Pick Your Poison, so to speak ! Which one of your mental illnesses would you like to see an artistic rendition of? I really enjoy this blog and I just came across it yesterday. Communicating about how mental illness feels is great through writing, but the artistic version has a visual element that writing does not capture.

John Coyote ..Poetry, Story and Real Life –

– John’s blog is filled with wisdom, inspiration and truth. His poems and stories reveal the deepest inner turmoil, darkness and light of the human condition. I find the blog both intellectually stimulating as well as artistically satisfying. There are wonderful stories of American Native Wisdom and Spirituality that speak to the soul in a meaningful way.

Kelzbelz Photography –  

– Her blog features stunning photography which makes me feel passion and emotion when I see it. Her photographs can lose you in them. She has some writing here that about her struggles that many of you will relate to in some way.  There are also some wonderful drawing called Zentangles. Take a look at her lovely photographs and artwork.

Butch Country , Life and Love on the Canadian Prairies 

–  A windowed man shares his struggles as a now single Dad. Transparency, honesty, real love and compassion, and resilience of one man, as he tries so hard to do the job of two, when his soul mate is no longer able to help him. There is great depth to this blog and I think you will find that it speaks to something inside of you.

May Desert Flower –

– Such lovely poetry and others of it will touch into the sad and fearful places in your mind. Very real and honest, creative and artistic. Love, pain, beauty all rolled into one lovely blog. One of my favorite poems is here.

Ishallrhyme – 

– This is a wonderful poetry blog. The poems are timeless and easy to relate to. They touch the heart and inspire creativity for my own poetry. Here is one of my favorite poems of this called Stay Still.

Blahpolar Diaries – 

-this is a blog dedicated to bipolar disorder awareness. It is very creative and has a variety of types pf posts, to keep it interesting to read. There is a recurring LinkDump where the author gives us a variety of different articles, poetry, songs and other bipolar related links. There are personal posts as well as informative posts. This blog has more interaction in the comment section than I have seen in other blogs. This is because the posts open up communication between the writer and the readers…and also the readers with each other.

Learning to Live and Appreciate Life – 

-this is a blog by a young blogger. The blog is about balancing life experiences with meditation, peace of mind and mindfulness. This is a newer blog that I see lots of potential in. This  blog has possibilities of reaching and helping  many people. There is a personal aspect of dealing with OCD and how to use mindfulness practice to deal with that struggle.

Healing Your Grief – 

This blog is about healing from various types of grief. Everyone experiences grief of some kind, during their lives. Sometimes it can be over a death and it can also be grief over the loss of our former selves or our dreams. This blog has a variety of posts and is laid out in a creative and interesting way. Here one  my favorite posts called    Feeling Our Emotions

Inner Dragon – 

This is an excellent blog that has an eclectic variety of sections. There are posts about mental illness, personal posts, original cartoons (mental illness themed), poetry, and a music section. The focus topics are depression, aspergers, OCD and ptsd from domestic abuse. It is honest and there is a of interaction in the comment section between the author and the readers. Here is the comic that made me feel a little better on Christmas day, because I realized that I was not the only person that felt like this on Christmas. 

The Never Ending Path – 

-this blog is for writers and is mainly focused on writing fiction. There are valuable articles about improving fiction writing and blogging. It is by the up and coming author OzarkScyfyWriter

The Musings of Puppy Doc – 

– This is a very interesting blog that speaks of humanity, compassion and kindness to living things. The author is a doctor, a musician, a poet, an animal lover and a great lady. The blog has a variety of things including human interest, photography, humor, and wonderful poetry. Definitely one of my favorite bloggers, here !

12 thoughts on “Nominees for the Creative Bloggers Award”

    1. The ladybug art is nice. She is very young and she has possibilities. I love the others too. Thank you for replying. I am going to crash soon. It is almost 4am. I am trying to back up my insomnia schedule ….
      Talk to you tomorrow…..late….I have to work…ugh..
      I am going to pet the bunny good night now 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow. Thank you so much!!! I feel very honored.

    I wish I would do better at checking out all of the other blogs lately. These past few weeks have been pretty flitsy, not really focusing down that well. But I still think of you and wish you well, Annie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry about what you can and cannot do. I am barely functional sometimes. I was looking for blogs that were creative and had some variety for this particular award, so you came to my mind, because your comics are so good 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. You are welcome. I thought this would be a different way to do the award post. It lets the bloggers know why you chose them and also lets other people know about blogs they may not have experienced. Thank you for commenting.


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