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A Philosophical Rant about the Rain

I can hear the rain beginning to pour onto the roof of the house. I am thinking about whether or not the car windows are up, or if I left them open. I am thinking about where the flashlights are just in case the power goes out.

These are practical things but they are also emotional things. The flashlight is practical but the fear of being in the dark house, is being mentally triggered by the sound of the rain.

The doubt in myself about the windows in the car, is a self doubt and fear, based on not feeling like I have been prepared in the past, for the events that occurred.

We can spend a lot of time worrying and trying to prepare for every possible scenario in life, but we will always miss one. It is not even that we miss it…but we just had no idea it was coming.

Life is full of unexpected things. Some things can be anticipated and other things cannot. There is no way to prepare ourselves for everything.  Sooner or later we will be in a situation that we had no possible way to prepare for.

The better thing to do….rather than try to mentally prepare for each possible scenario…is to prepare for the unexpected scenario. Our brains need to be in a state that can withstand the unexpected.

The more we try to worry, predict, and play out future scenarios in our minds, the less prepared we will be when the unexpected occurs. No one will avoid the unexpected, no matter what you do.

The difference between the resilience of people is in their capacity to deal with a completely surprising unknown. Our brains have great capacity to think and deal with circumstances.

We can think on our feet and adapt. We can draw on skills and information in our brains, in order to deal with a new and unexpected situation.

When we know that the unexpected will happen, then we will understand that we have to proceed through life with this knowledge and acceptance. We found our way through a lot of unexpected situations already. Not all of them were bad. Many of them were good.

Predictability does not always apply to things. We can only prepare for a portion of the things that could happen during the course of our days. Better to prepare the mind to be resilient in any circumstance. To accept the unknown as part of living this life.

If we accept the unknown as part of the adventure of life, then we will learn on our feet when we need to. We will find out what things we need to know,  just when we need to know them. Our brains have a great capacity to take in new information and also to adapt known information for new situations.

Know that your brain is adaptable and intelligent. You can be creative and inventive when you need to be. The brain can actually connect, reconnect and disconnect neurons , in a real organic way, in order to adapt to different situations and different behavioral patterns that are needed.

The brain is an amazing, adaptive organ and it can serve us when we need to be protected, or healed. The brain can problem solve, learn new information, adapt to new environments and accept new relationships. It can even accept and adapt to new realizations about reality itself.

Reality is made up of our experiences and the way we perceive those experiences. We can decide to interpret information into our reality, in a way that is helpful to us. We need our environment to support us. We need our perceptions about our experiences to support our mental health.

Looking at the unexpected as new experiences, can allow us to reduce our anxiety about not being prepared for everything. We prepare as we go along. We are not just stuck with what we have.

If our brains are malleable then we can create new ways to perceive things. We do not have to be stuck with the same way we have always perceived things. Our brains can change and learn to have a different perspective about the past, which can change the way we see ourselves in the present.

If we see ourselves in the present in a way that supports us better, then we can be less afraid of the unknowns in our future. If our current thinking does not support our mental health, then we can begin to allow our brains to take in new information that has the capacity to change our perspective about the reality we personally exist in.

6 thoughts on “A Philosophical Rant about the Rain”

  1. thanks i know I am stronger than anyone else because i’m a deeply spiritual person but we have great similarity with our childhood mine is rather a very controversial one that involves death and third parties that it brought pain in my heart until now I’m not able to talk about it, I avoided that past the mere reason I become a doormat submissive wife because of that traumatc event.

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    1. Thinking about the past can be too painful. I do not believe that we have to force ourselves to do anything that will be mentally traumatic for us. We need to be in an existence that supports us. Anything that does not support us feeling well, needs to be changed. I am not sure how to change everything , but I would like to find out. My current living environment is not supportive to me and in fact is intolerable. I am being introspective tonight as a way to get away from my immediate reality and to find ways to make changes. Maybe internal changes can create external changes. I am hoping that this is possible. In the mean time, I am just being lost in my head tonight with philosophy and poetry, as an escape.
      I hope that you are able to come to terms with your past either to let it go, or to be able to talk about it…whichever supports your mental wellness better. We know about ourselves, more that other people know about us. We can get support from others about things like the past, but we have to find what works for ourselves best, as far as dealing with trauma in our lives.
      Overcoming mental trauma is something I am still working on. For me, the blogging is helpful because I can get my thoughts out and experience the different perspectives of different people. Being aware that other people have different ways of coping with trauma, makes me want to seek more possibilities.
      thank you for connecting,

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      1. I know how painful it is that until now I suffer from it’s consequences but I want to make changes for my immediate future and for my children. I want to get out from my abusive husband so that my absence will make him realize my importance not treated like a rag or dirt in his eyes .I want to plan my future to gain self confidence the reason I was trying to get rid of my fears and live a life that I wanted not wrought in fear I believe if I learn to find myself and learn to love myself maybe my husband will learn to honor me .his restrictions of my personal happiness leads me to change and a great transforming lesson makes me want to adapt and dream anew. Maybe go to thailand and study again my invironment here is not conducive for learning and finding a job due to restrictions and his selfishness. Blogging too helps a lot from here I found release but i’m still on the process of healing I don’t know when my sufferrings will end and let go of the past. thanks for the help chatting with you helps alleviate a bit of my worries xxx

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  2. There are excellent videos on you tube . If you can subscribe to or just look up Spartan Life Coach, you will see videos about the narcissist, leaving a narcissist and other self empowerment videos on other topics


  3. I love the rain because it forces me to slow down and enjoy life. It forces me to rest because I would not otherwise (the pros and cons of an hyperactive mind). But I enjoyed your rant…it helped to bring some things into perspective. 🙂

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