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The Lonely Beautiful Flowers Story

There once was a pretty little, pink  flower in a field of weeds. All the weeds laughed at her because she believed in compassion , harmony and peace.

She longed to find another flower like her, but all she heard was mean words from the weeds. She had trouble sleeping at night with no one to talk to.

In another field, down the road, there was a beautiful , blue flower, all surrounded by weeds. The blue flower wished he could find another flower to share his ideas with. But all he saw were the narrow minded weeds.

Across the town was a lovely yellow flower. The poor thing was surrounded by weeds. She became depressed because none of the weeds wanted to listen to her ideas. They just wanted to gossip and discuss superficial things.

In the next town, there were three purple flowers. They were scattered in weed fields and did not know about each other. They each had lots of thoughts and dreams of connecting with other flowers. They began to have anxiety about dealing with the weeds.

It turns out that there were pretty flowers scattered about in various weed fields. There was a flower or two in each weed field , all over the world.

They were each alone and had no one to talk to.There were no other flowers  that they could share their big ideas with. The weeds only cared about all being the same as each other. They did not understand the flowers.

The flowers nearly gave up and died from loneliness and alienation.

One day the flower fairy came to each of the flowers. She gave them each a laptop and showed them how to use WordPress.<3

Now the flowers were all able to connect with each other, even though they did not have feet to walk to visit each other.

They all shared their thoughts and feelings with each other. They did not have to feel completely alone anymore. ❤

The End 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Lonely Beautiful Flowers Story”

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story…..this is exactly how I feel….not that I am surrounded by all weeds but the WP community is such a special place and I am soooo lucky my laptop and daughter taught me how to engage and be part of it…..Happy Holidays….and thanks for the great story….brought a smile to my heart….I really was racing through the story as I couldn’t figure out where you were going for the ending….still smiling….LOL kat

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