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Annie’s Therapy Bunny

20150324_022241This is my bunny. I call him Bunny because my daughter named him Lucky but that name never really stuck. It did not suit him, once we got to know him.

My daughter rescued him from getting hit by cars in the street last summer. My younger daughter, who was 11 at the time, was very surprised when her sister and I went to Quick Check for coffee and came home with the bunny.

She was scared of him for a few weeks, but eventually she became more interested in getting to know him. Now she loves him and loves to feed him and p lay with him

My older daughter was 17 at the time we got him. She is the one who gave me the puppy dog eyes of “Mom….please…”

But now we all love the bunny who we call Bunny.

5 thoughts on “Annie’s Therapy Bunny”

    1. Yes. We hapenned to be at that Quick Check at the right time. Someone happened to be outside, while we were inside getting coffee.
      It was a 18 year old guy. He ran into the store asking for help to keep the bunny from being hit.
      My daughter named the bunny Lucky because she got to meet this very attractive boy her age and get a pet bunny all in the same instance.
      He was cute and my daughter was holding the bunny and chatting with this boy, while we waited for the police.
      I think i still have pictures on my old cell phone of her holding the bunny and the police checking the bunny.
      They let her keep it because that officer did not want to take the bunny to be put down.


  1. It looks plump and well fed for a bunny stew. But I wouldn’t cook it and eat it because it’s your pet. However, I confess that though I’m mostly vegetarian and I don’t eat meat I really like cooked rabbit.


    1. My uncle used to make this joke with me when I told him I wanted a bunny. He was funny and a good uncle. He died young, which was sad, but I remember him well.
      Have a good evening


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